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Why Choose Fluper?

  • 10+ Years of Experience

  • 375+ Team Members

  • 10+ Million Downloads

  • 700+ Applications

Want Some More Reasons?

Techimply Ranked Fluper as a Top IoT Development Company in UAE

The businesses in the domain of Internet of Things or ‘IoT’ are expanding at a remarkable pace. Fluper, one of the expanding players in the IoT development world, has been Top-ranked by Techimply in UAE. The IoT development company offers contemporary solutions to striving businesses seeking app development services.

Fluper in UAE is famous for offering services in Android Applications, iOS Applications, Augmented Reality App Development and Virtual Reality App Development, and other services.

Success comes to companies like Fluper that will and dare to do something unique and ground-breaking. The brand comprises one of the highest-skilled and qualified teams of tech experts that are well-versed with the modern age of hyper-connectivity.

Tech experts have recently made projections about the IoT industry that it is supposed to earn revenue between $1 trillion and $3 trillion by 2025. For years now, experienced developers at Fluper are indulging in incorporating the interconnectedness of human culture with the digital world.

A definitive list of benefits offered by Fluper:

  1. Reduced operating costs with the highest client satisfaction
  2. Complete knowledge of the target audience
  3. Enhanced productivity and improved efficiency of businesses
  4. Proper monitoring and control of different processes

With the highest level of qualifications and skills, Fluper has played a newsworthy role in accelerating top businesses’ development. These are some of the prominent reasons why Fluper is named among the heavy hitters of the IoT technology world.

Not only in the UAE but across the globe, Fluper has been assisting entrepreneurs in providing them with flawless services by utilizing the state-of-the-art integrated environment. From startups and mid-size businesses to well-established enterprises, Fluper has helped create super-functional and intuitive mobile and web apps.

Why consider Fluper for IoT services?

Fluper is a leading UAE IoT services provider that has been offering brilliant services for many years already. The IoT company aims to provide brands with simplified services in the field of Internet-of-Things through a massive network of thousands of channel partners and expertise in mobile devices/platforms/applications. Some of the fascinating benefits of working with Fluper are:

  1. Certified by NASSCOM
  2. Accounts to more than 10 million user engagement
  3. Guaranteed project delivery
  4. 7-days instant money-back guarantee
  5. Refund for upfront payment
  6. Nine productive months of free app marketing & promotion
  7. 24*7 live app testing

Recently Fluper has launched its app that understands the inquisitiveness of its clientele and thus tries its best to offer its users with the latest information about technology. The app offers information about updated blogs and other content on technology. Some of the fields in which Fluper delivers the best of its services are:


Travel & Hospitality


Food & Restaurant


On-Demand Solutions


Gaming Healthcare & Fitness


Logistics & Distribution


Retail, E-Commerce


Education & e-learning


Social Networking


Real Estate

For years now, this IoT development company has been offering jaw-dropping services to different fields and domains. Many businesses, regardless of their size, have witnessed tremendous growth and improvement with the services offered by Fluper. The prominent fields and types of businesses with which Fluper has been working for years are:


Social networking


Health & Fitness


Events & Tickets


On-demand app services


Virtual Reality


Pick & Delivery


Home & Delivery

Final Words 

In the upcoming years, IoT companies like Fluper are expected to make a remarkable change in the sphere of business. With vigilant strategies and planning, the adoption of IoT solutions by such brands will result in improved productivity and marked benefits for entrepreneurs globally.

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