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Top Rated Mobile App Development Company in Noida India

We at Fluper claims to be Leading & Best Mobile App Development Company which is a NASSCOM accredited & ISO 9001:2008 certified Mobile App Developer, which provides end-end mobile application development solutions across multiple domains or verticals and Globe.

We tend to make mobile apps which have amazing response, seemless design, instant response and fast access. We tend to drive businesses with the mobile apps which are most demanded in sector according to clients requirements in order to improvise efficiency, quality. functionality and interface. With the most astounding number of downloads on any application store or stage, Mobile Apps rank on the top. Mobile App development is a standout amongst the most blasting companies over the world.

We are an eminent mobile app development company with in-house gaming studio outfitted with most recent apparatuses and developments important to manufacture 2D and 3D Apps.


Specialized Offerings

We at Fluper tend to use cutting edge technologies in order to provision Customized Mobile App Solutions which assists clients to generate guaranteed ROI(Return on Investment).


Uber Like App Development.

We empower Apps with Uber Like Functionality. Need an Application which is in demand named Taxi Apps like Uber then we are the correct most taxi app service proivders in market. We have experience in rapid prototyping of Uber Like Applications.

Mobile App Solutions

Cutting Edge Technologies and 4+ Years experience in Mobility tend to enable us in driving real business solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises.

In App Purchases

We implement complete in app purchases through payment gateway integrations like PayPal, BrainTree, Stripe, Authorize.Net.

Quality Committment

With Fluper, Client get authentic, guaranteed quality committment in order to provision bug free app with seemless functionality and performance.

Rapid App Development

Need a Rapid Prototype ready instantly with limted functionality and features in order to get an audience analysis then Fluper is correct choice for MVP/Demo Mobile App Development

Agile Methdology

We tend to follow agile software development methodolgy in order to have a perfect mobile app solution ready for audience.


Need for Mobile App Development Service:

Increasing Demand of Mobile Apps, Portability, Wearable & IoT Devices has led to Mobile App Development demand. Mobile Apps have become a dominant business in recent time. In order to improve business efficiency and performance there is an 100% need of investing in demanding mobile app development.

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iOS App Demand

Billions of iPhone Apps have been sold in the course of the most recent couple of years. Likewise, another purpose behind this high deal is the iPhone gadget with its huge screen, multi-touch choices and intense A6 chip is ideal for playing Apps.

The dispatch of the iPad started another period in tablet gaming. Apple has taken hand-held gaming to the following level by pressing the gadget with inventive gaming highlights.

Android App Demand

Android houses an extensive variety of vigorous components that make it the most appropriate stage for App development. With brilliant media and equipment bolster, it gives a breathtaking gaming knowledge to the clients.

Android App Development has become an integral part of general population. Android enables all the social sects to do their stuffs with ease and efficiency. It's the largest user base covering all the major verticals from education to hospitality.

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Windows App Demand

The Mobile stimulation and Apps portion is getting to be bigger and better every passing day. Presently, with redesigned Windows Mobile Platform, it has turned out to be more dynamic, exciting and additionally enticing.

Windows Application Development is one of the most charismatic innovation that was incepted by the Microsoft. It facilitates its users with all the latest tech innovation in mobile sector on the most familiar operating system. It also enables a significant number of people to perform their stuffs.

Hybrid App Demand

It can easily be stated that Native Mobile Apps are completely backed up with Web Services and Technologies. Hence Hybrid Apps can be an advantage as it helps in fusing elements of both into one making it easier to support and perform across multiple platforms in one go.

2016 Year is an perfect example of Increasing demand as 50% of Apps are now getting development in Hybrid Environment.

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How We Develop Mobile Apps?

We litterally grow mobile apps on daily basis until it reaches it's maximum performance and utmost quality.

  • We analyse and map audience of mobile app, we tend to identify the platforms and devices which audience uses, language, behaviour, demographics, location etc. accordingly we strategize mobile app process.
  • We tend to create Mobile Apps which are Multi-Lingual with language centricity, localized to particular domain or location or globally supported.
  • We tend to create wireframes or blueprint of every mobile app in order to understand user interface, layout, navigation styles to be used for app.
  • We tend to focus on Graphical User Interface, it has to attractive, elegant following the color scheme of brand.
  • We tend to use latest technologies to implement logic, database, programming and business model to further execute application.
  • We have complete focus on every application instant testing on daily basis, creation of test plans, test cases every milestone or release wise in order to solve bugs, errors instantly.
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Top Rated Mobile Apps developed

Fluper Ltd. tends to prove its competency and exellence in Mobile Application Development via extensive portfolio spread across multiple domains and vertical covered by following list.

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Industry Specialized Services

We tend to create mobile apps specific to every Industry or Business.

  • Business Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Entertainment & Personalisation
  • Online Shopping Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Sports Applications
  • Online Shopping Applications
  • Utility and Gaming Applications
  • Lifestyle, Education Applications
  • Games Applications
  • Lifestyle, Education Applications
  • Finance Applications

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Our Mobile App Development Process

We at Fluper tend to use latest methodology which is agile and scrum for mobile application developemtn process. We have faith in our Mobile App Process Model which tend to offer many benifits and greate value towards mobile app development to optimize it's performance, quality, response. Our Process is complex, stringent which is best for quick and authentic delivery of applications.


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