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Exchange of vision+ Mutual Understanding+ continuous process= Successful project


Project communication strategy


Communication is considered to be the fundamental role in all aspects of business. Communication manifests that the project is not only successful but actually generates the real impact.

Here it is quite essential that the top management must come to the frontline and actively participate in the endorsement of the project. All the framework must be geared up on time, must be structured enough to make significant governance must be deposited accordingly.

A project communication model frame a classic project ethics- from clear goals, quantifiable deliverables, a well-illustrated business case, a well-articulated project impact, recognition of formal ownership with pre-determined phases. These significant elements must be integrated with the communication strategy that would strive the optimum success.


Why Fluper

In order to strive the optimum success, our vision is divided into different Modules. Reckoning to the fact that success of project is not sufficient, it must be supported with equivalent real impact.

Module Objective Strategy Logic
Module 1 Encourage the vision with business priorities. Supported with engagement workshops, comprehensive surveys and events. Uplifting a greater buy in complying with the challenges anticipated and preferences identified by the members of core team.
Module 2 Transformation of communication from formal to informal channels. Establish focused, timely, relevant and undeviating internal communications in order to alleviate the chances of uncorroborated communication, it facilitates formal communication to elucidate confident, clear and synoptic communication.
Module 3 Uplift the opinion of stakeholders Elucidating stakeholder’s take. Accessing of core employees to the senior management and encouraging their opinions.
Module 4 Stimulating a sense of community and company’s pride Ongoing successes are celebrated Prioritising respective values, individuals and teams are formally recognised at the project level in front of the colleagues.
Module 5 Integrating the ongoing progress with matching delivery. Mapping tailored communication to different demographics To deliver the message effectively, material is aligned in order to meet the different audience on the basis of tone, content and format accordingly.

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