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Traditional website versus modern Sales techniques

Both the approach of sales has their set of pros and cons. Traditional approach accommodated well subjected with the external factors prevailing during that slot of time. But in the age of internet marketing when companies are gradually adopting the concept of digitisation, there are some transformation into sales strategy which has certainly made it mandatory to be adopted so that you do not get deprived out of the benefits that these modern techniques do generate.

We have cut across those lists that were supposed to be gathered and cold calls were made, regular updating of territory maps and regular drop-ins, visiting of networking events and come across new people.

Online Reputation Management

Strategies that Fluper most likely follows


Setting Up of Evaluative Milestone

Like in any other sales Consultation service provider, our goals are kept in central but we seek a larger impact. Goal-setting conversation regarded to be a two-way conversation between the employee and manager.

Hence our goals are structured in such a way that that employees get motivated to their own performance evaluated on the basis of vital core competencies and hard metrics.

Feedback are carefully settled

From feedbacks although few peculiar habits can be identified that may lead to poaching and burnout depending upon how the deal gets closed. In order to sustain the sales performance, we encourage some collaborative practices that would keep the sales performance sustainable in the long run.

So our feedback identification is not just performance-oriented but 360 degree view in order to develop them well-rounded professional.


Sales-driven infrastructure are cautiously created

Although it is more likely to be a part of old school sales model that competition is encouraged at every step. Our leadership style is adopted to make them work like a team where their ideas will get weightage, extend opportunities to make them perfect and giving advices when required.

Perhaps annual turnover on a sales serves the unavoidable reality but what really makes to retain growing talent is the positive and team-based culture which works in long-term.

Prioritise to Create Next Generation Leader

We take the opportunity to get our team-mates subjected with project management, mentoring junior team member and stimulating their leadership so that our potential clients do not get deprived from the absence of any of our team-members.


Area of Expertise



Our SEO team is experienced and competent to improve the visibility of the website from establishing target keywords to on-page optimisation.

Social Media

We organise targeted social media campaigns that can increase the lead generation, improve customer engagement and strengthen brand awareness.

Paid Search

We are competent to run targeted paid search campaigns that leads to increase lead generation and sales as well.

Trained Analysts

We extend customised training on Google Adwords, Social Media and SEO in order to make the most out of results online.

What set Fluper distinct from others?

Fluper has substantially proved in internet marketing , and search engine marketing which has established it to be top digital marketing company. All our practices are not implemented until and unless, it is reckoned by a comprehensive research.

Fluper appreciates innovation and has already proved its existence in IT as one of the top notch mobile app development company where it received its expertise in every shapes and sizes. From native to mobile app development, it has established its horizon. Fluper is known to create the most innovative android and iOS app development that corresponds the ongoing marketing trend easily.

Online Reputation Management

Modern day techniques are inclusive of


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