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Does your Business demand faster decision-making tools?

Strategies to deal with business has been quite similar to date only the medium and technology has been evolving. The management has always been...

Impact of Google Integration with Android Pay on Mobile Banking Apps

Android Pay is turning ubiquitous which although proved itself from couple of months ago. With the advent of Huawei Watch 2 at the event...
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Data Budget

Running Over Your Monthly Data Budget-5 Apps to Monitor Mobile Data Usage

With a smartphone or a tablet, you are enjoying watching your favourite YouTube videos or streaming up the perfect playlist from pretty much whenever...

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Silicon Valley, California

Mobile app development has increased demands because of all business looking for an application for their business not just as a liability to let...
Democratize AI- After Google, Apple is stepping in again

Democratize AI- After Google, Apple is stepping in again?

Although it’s been just a month ago when Sunder Pichai, Google’s CEO discussed the importance of “Democratize AI” at his own developer’s conference. The...
Ionic 3.0

Ionic 3.0: Advances, features and comparison

Ionic 3.0 is launched recently and according to its developers, the best part of this updated version is that you don't need much changes...
iBeacon Technology

Anticipation of iBeacon Technology in 2017

iBeacon technology is introduced to users recently BUT the use of beacon was started in 2013 by Apple after some improvement and additions. The...


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