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What is Udemy?

On the online learning site Udemy, lessons are accessible on various subjects, including design, business, and personal development. Experts in their industries teach Udemy courses, which are accessible from anywhere worldwide as long as you have an internet connection. The website offers classes for all skill levels, from beginner to expert, and many of them include lifelong access, so you may revisit the material whenever you need to. Udemy wants to help people develop their skills and accomplish their personal and professional goals through online learning.

Guide to developing an EdTech app Udemy

Guide to develop an edutech app like udemy

Since its founding in 2010, the online learning platform and marketplace known as Udemy has experienced phenomenal growth. The E-learning platform drew over 1000 instructors within the first few months of its launch, who produced a total of 2000 courses. It amassed more than 400,000 registered users in just two years.

Additionally, the EdTech giant is influencing business owners worldwide thanks to its astonishing 50 million active users and 150 000 courses (continually evolving).

The pandemic has undoubtedly fundamentally altered the traditional educational and learning environment, elevating these e-learning platforms to new levels. As a result, modern Education app development has emerged as an industry shaped by cutting-edge trends and technologies.

To make an educational technology application akin to Udemy, follow these instructions:

⦁  To learn about the needs and preferences of your target market, conduct market research and identify it.

⦁  Describe the main features and capabilities of the app, including course authoring, payment processing, hosting for videos, and student management.

⦁  Select a development platform that is appropriate for your app’s technology stack.

⦁  To test the market and gather input from early adopters, create a minimal viable product (MVP).

⦁  Based on user input, hone and refine your MVP and add new features as necessary.

⦁  To draw people and boost engagement, develop a solid marketing plan.

⦁  Create other ways to monetize your app, for as by including premium courses or advertising.

⦁  Collect and analyze user data consistently to enhance your app and give users a better experience.

⦁ Release your app, then keep improving it in response to user input and market trends.

⦁ By constantly connecting with users and soliciting their information, you may help to grow a user community.

⦁  Remember that offering a fantastic user experience and delivering top-notch content is essential for ed-tech success.

Business Model of Udemy


Udemy is a website that supports the teaching and learning process online. Furthermore, it targets people who want to implement additional skills and employs educational content created by educators for business.

The platform serves as a link between teachers and students, so they interact and exchange knowledge. It runs on a market-based business strategy. The company has no products and merely serves as a mediator.

Now, however, the costs of the courses are set by the instructors themselves, and Udemy takes a commission for giving them a user-friendly platform and a sizable audience to market to.

Revenue Model for Udemy

For holding classes used as follows, professors and students are charged a fee known as the revenue process.

If the platform recommends a course the student takes, it will collect 50% of the entire payment. The preacher receives the other 50%. However, if the pastor promotes the course independently, he keeps all his earnings and owes Udemy nothing.

If the platform offers a lesson and the student provides a collaborative link, the platform receives 25% of the money. 25% goes to teachers, while the remaining 50% goes to connections.

Udemy Revenue  B2B solution, “Udemy for Business,” for larger businesses that have to deal with their most prominent personnel issues, such training and skill development, is another source of income for the platform. Team Plan and Enterprise Plan are the company’s two available plans.

Here is how the program functions:

Team Program: To choose this program, you must have an annual membership. It is ideal for businesses with between 5 and 20 employees. At least five users are required, and each user costs $ 240. It will therefore cost you at least $1200.

Business Plan: Created for groups with over 20 users. When a company enrolls in this program, Udemy designates an exclusive customer partner. But it’s not apparent how much you’ll have to pay for this program. This is possible because Udemy Revenue works with companies to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

In order for businesses to determine whether or not these programs are effective for them, they also provide a free 14-day trial.

Website like Udemy

Website like Udemy

Many people who want to learn new skills online have probably heard of Udemy. This website provides unrestricted access to courses for nothing or for a very affordable price. Udemy has recently emerged as the platform of choice for students seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the university curriculum and business world learners. The main issue with Udemy is that they don’t provide course certification. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take certificate-type courses online; there are a lot of different learning platforms that function as the finest Udemy alternatives and have a tone of extra features.

Khan Academy

Cost of Khan Academy: Free


  Khan Academy provides quick, focused lectures on a variety of topics that are currently popular with students.

⦁  Every tutorial is set up to be user-friendly, and there is something special for every age group.

⦁  You may learn by doing things practically in these courses because they require students to accomplish particular tasks during the lecture.

With its brief courses, Khan Academy caters to a wide spectrum of students and increases their interest in practice exercises. The activities are modified based on each learner’s skill level and performance is regularly monitored by the instructors. The good news for kids is that Khan Academy offers courses in 20 different languages, and both students and teachers can access them for free.


Coursera charges a one-time fee of $15 to $200.


  Real instructors with post-secondary education quality comparable to that of the majority of leading colleges offer courses.

⦁  For paid courses, this portal also provides certifications.

⦁  Multiple courses are available for free to students.

Coursera is regarded as the best option because to how challenging it is to become a top university professor there, despite having fewer courses overall than Udemy.  To accelerate your learning, you can enroll in the majority of courses for no cost. If you also want to get certified for your abilities, you can do so by paying a fair price. You’ll be pleased to learn that Coursera also provides full-time master’s and bachelor’s degrees from top universities. Both academic programs and technical training have online enrollment options.


Few courses are offered for free, and access to the Premium collection costs $100 annually or $12 monthly.


⦁   Industry professionals who earn their living by instructing students are enrolled in these courses.

⦁   A few well-known industry leaders can be seen giving a few special talks.

⦁   These courses emphasize experiential learning over lecture-style reading.

Skill Share is the finest learning platform for those who enjoy exercising new skills as they are learned. They offer training in a variety of artistic disciplines, including as visual arts, music production, photography, design, and marketing. A monthly or annual subscription is required to access all other courses, however many are offered for free.


Price: The majority of courses are free, however a Nano degree subscription costs $199+ per month.


⦁  The purpose of the Nano degrees is to increase students’ knowledge of a particular field of study.

⦁  Udacity places a lot of emphasis on technical training and skill development.

⦁  It collaborates with numerous highly regarded schools that provide cutting-edge course designs.

Here is a simple but effective alternative to Udemy where you can access approximately 100 courses for free. However, what sets it apart from all other online learning sites is the unique Nano degree program. With the help of some top businesses like Salesforce, Facebook, and Google, these courses and technical training programs are made available. One can start with fundamental classes to develop a sense of technology before moving on to more advanced classes to gain confidence.


Cost of the master’s program: $180 annually or $90 per class


⦁  Famous people and professionals from the sector enroll in courses.

⦁  Target specific themes so that students can gather useful information on subjects that interest them.

⦁  Affordable subscription compared to many other options

With its extensive course selection, Masterclass.com enables students to develop skills related to their interests. Simply scroll down to find a course in your area of interest, sign in, and start listening to speakers that can actually motivate you to succeed in your endeavors. It is the most cost-effective platform for learning anything you want.

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