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Globally, WordPress has evolved as a leading webpage development medium that these days powers 39.5% of internet webpages in 2021. Along with an expanding user base, WordPress is becoming the most famous open-source content management system. In 2003 the journey of this app started as a blogging medium but gradually it emerged into a compact functional content management system and nowadays, grabs almost 64% CMS market all over the globe. 

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Several entrepreneurs are finding WordPress an essential website development platform for its enhancing content management popularity. One can now easily launch their different kinds of digital websites whether it is a blog, e-commerce store usage, and corporate site. 

Difference between Ready-made WordPress Themes and Custom WordPress Development

We all know WordPress is an easy platform to develop a standard website by following certain steps without doing any coding. One should need to install this app on a system then register it and lastly can add any theme from the admin dashboard to manage the site. In fact, users do not require to download any theme because it already has many themes available while installing WordPress. 

However, there are several in-built themes available on WordPress’s official market along with interesting online market places including ThemeForest. People can get affluent themes for various industries and various trades that can fulfill all demands. In spite of ample available themes, trades need a unique website from others and this is the reason why people look to have a customized platform; here comes WordPress expert. Over this platform, one can avail web developers to develop a stunning, enticing website with the expert help of developers. Howsoever, to choose the correct WordPress developer, people need to enquire about WordPress developers before hiring.  

On the other hand, a Custom WordPress theme is solely developed to meet the unique demands of all kinds of trades that serve an edge over competitors. In-built themes come with a similar design, but custom themes are developed according to the demands of numerous businesses. This is the prime reason why custom themes occupy an important role while developing a distinguished site. 

iconAdvantages of WordPress Development

In the market WordPress is the most efficient content management system and there are multiple reasons behind it that make this platform so popular. In the following, some essential key features are included that developed it so familiar among both entrepreneurs and developers.

iconEasy to Use:

WordPress is so popular because of the user-friendly feature that leads it to a favorite CMS for several users and it has been able to beat its competitors like Magneto, Joomla, and Drupal. Convenient features as well as the simple UI of WordPress make the platform an easy website development medium. More even, users do not require any coding language knowledge of CSS, HTML, or PHP for operating WordPress. 

This CMS platform caters to an easy admin panel at the backend that one can adopt to operate, maintain and manage the site. An in-built dashboard along with intuitive features like easy settings, themes, WordPress allow a user to get full control over the website. 

iconEasy Installation Process:

Beginning with the WordPress platform is a child’s play because anyone can easily install it. In the present day, most of the hosting providers serve one-click installation. The installation process is not only simple but also super-fast that it only takes a few minutes. People require to easily develop the web pages and then upload the database. Now it can be installed by the FTP program. Users can build up a database then upload WordPress for final installation to begin work with this platform.

iconResponsive Websites:

Around the globe mobile devices are widespread and it has turned into a crucial place to generate web traffic. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are funding bulky amounts in responsive website development to design mobile-friendly websites. In order to reach potential consumers of smartphone devices, a website developer needs to develop a responsive website. WordPress allows users to create responsive websites that lead them to reach prospects on several devices. 

iconThemes and Plugins:

What if anyone willing to develop a custom website that comprises different requirements of a business? They can depend upon WordPress as it carries a number of options for customization that allow a user to develop a tailor-made website. In terms of matching various marketplaces, WordPress offers tons of website themes and plugins. In fact, on the official page of WordPress, there are thousands of themes and plugins that are infused in both free and paid editions.

iconSEO-Friendly Sites:

One of the biggest features of WordPress that allures several entrepreneurs and web developers is its search engine optimization. It has an in-built SEO feature that follows the typical SEO guidelines to make it an easy search engine-friendly CMS. Hence, with the help of this website development platform, one can get an SEO-friendly website.    


WordPress is consecutively leading the CMS world for a couple of years and has evolved as a renowned option among website developers and entrepreneurs for developing unique websites. There are dozens of reasons incorporated that make this CMS a successful one all over the world. Here, the features are discussed above to make people understand why various entrepreneurs and developers are working on it. These are the commonly listed reasons behind the popularity of WordPress website development.   


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