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On Wednesday, the U.S. Army announced Microsoft has cracked the contract of developing custom HoloLens augmented Reality Headsets. More than 120,000 AR headsets have been ordered from the U.S. Armforce, which prices up to $21.88 billion for 10 years. 

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After this declaration, Microsoft’s share rises high, and the stalk also increases 1.7% to reach $235.77 in each share at Wednesday’s session trading end. This deal reflects Microsoft can generate significant revenue from a future-ready product. After several years of research, transcends the major areas including productivity software and operating systems. 

It follows an almost $480 million contract that Microsoft earned to provide the Army prototypes of Integrated Augmented System (IVAS) in 2018. Now this new contract will involve offering manufacturing editions. $3,500 costs Standard-issue HoloLens enables users to overlaid holograms over their original environments and engage users by applying voice and hand gestures. However, this IVAS prototype launched in 2019 showcased a compass, map, and had thermal imaging to identify people in dark visibility. In fact, it could also reveal a weapon’s aim. 

Microsoft’s one technical fellow, Alex Kipman who discovered HoloLens in 2015 opines about this contract in a blog post, this AR and HoloLens based IVAS headset developed by Microsoft Azure cloud services offers a certain platform that will help soldiers to face any encounter situation safely and effectively.  This program comes with better situational awareness, allowing soldiers to share information and take important decisions in crucial times.   


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