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Why Choose Fluper?

  • 6+ Years of Experience

  • 350+ Team Members

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Wearable App
Development Company

  • Best Wearable App Development Company

  • Best Wearable App Development Company

    Have you ever heard the term “Ease of Access”? As a citizen of this “totally” digitalized era, this term is quite often used in our day-to-day lives.

    It is basically any commodity that can make our lives a bit easier. The wearable technology has opened up a new space in the Smartphone industry and is going to revolutionize the whole app development scenario. Especially in the United States, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, wearable technology is reaching heights as the companies over there are highly dexterous. So, if you are looking for a Trusted Wearable App Development Company, then Fluper is indeed the best to consider.

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Benefits of Having a Wearable App

We Make Our Wearable App Services Unique and Advanced for Better Business Productivity

Encourages Proactive Healthcare

Encourages Proactive Healthcare

Nowadays, health issues are at peak and apparently wearable apps are doing a great job in influencing the mindset of individuals to do something about it.

Betterment in GPS Technology

Betterment in GPS Technology

We can all admit to the fact that since the time when Wearable technology has been introduced the GPS technology has reached heights. It is easy to access and very much comfortable to operate.

Expansion in App Category

Expansion in App Category

Recently in the United States, wearable apps have changed the direction and broadened the market by creating business-related apps. The business productivity and workflow is said to get increased in the coming years.

Integration in Day-To-Day Lives

Integration in Day-To-Day Lives

Fitness bands, trackers and smartwatches have totally changed our lives. Apps are now integrated with wearable technology that has made our lives more interactive and efficient at the same time.

Wearable Device App Development Services

Fluper Provides Every Possible Service for Wearable App Development

  • Wearable Device App Development

    Wearable Device App Development

  • Wearable Device App integration

    Wearable Device App integration

  • Wearable Device App maintenance

    Wearable Device App maintenance

  • Wearable Device App consultation

    Wearable Device App consultation

  • Wearable Device App UI/UX Design

    Wearable Device App UI/UX Design

  • Hire Wearable Device Developers

    Hire Wearable Device Developers


Fluper the Best
Wearable App Development
Firm in the US, UK and UAE

Our Priorities and Workforce Makes Us the Best App Development Company

We, being the top-rated Wearable Application Development Agency have the best and reliable developer teams. Fluper knows how to make the most out of time, and incorporate skills in app development. We always work hard to provide our clients with the best and productive app which they had asked for. Since we are the best Wearable App Developing Company ; our team assures quality without any compromise on performance.

Since the time we’ve come into this industry, we’ve delivered more than 300 apps on both the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store. We at Fluper always incorporate the latest technology onto our apps. The point being, we are the best and if you’d like to make a wearable Application make sure to check us out.

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What Do We Provide In
Wearable App Development?

Fluper Is Capable of Developing Wearable App to Make your Business a Hit

  • Custom Wearable Device

    Custom Wearable Device

  • AR Apps for Wearables

    AR Apps for Wearables

  • Wearable App for iOS

    Wearable App for iOS

  • IoT Based Wearable Apps

    IoT Based Wearable Apps

  • Recreating Existing Apps

    Recreating Existing Apps

  • Android Wear

    Android Wear

  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch

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How We Are Different to Other Wearable App Development Service Providers?

Our Competency and Specialization in Following the Latest Trends is Our Key USP!

  • Seamless Technical Support

    Seamless Technical Support

    Other than just making and delivering apps, Fluper provides an end-to-end customer support service just to make our clients more comfortable with the app.

  • Expeditious Delivery of Projects

    Expeditious Delivery of Projects

    Since Fluper is full of skilled individuals, we always try to deliver the projects in time. Irrespective of the platform or OS, Fluper is known for its punctuality.

  • Use of Latest Technologies and Tools

    Use of Latest Technologies and Tools

    Being a Top-Rated Company, Fluper always use the trendiest tools and software programs to develop Wearable Apps.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    Customer-Centric Approach

    We, at Fluper, always make sure to provide services that can add value to your business productivity and offer you a unique experience.

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Why You Should Consider Us
for Wearable App Development?

We Are the Ones Who Can Build the Best Wearable Apps in the United States, UK & UAE

What Else Do We Offer Other Than
than Wearable App Development?

We Can Offer Everything That You Can Think Of Since We Are the Leaders

iOS App Development

iOS App Development

PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Why We Are the Best?

Head Over To Fluper to Make the Most Amazing Wearable Apps

  • IBM Certified Partners

    IBM Certified Partners

  • Free Business Analysis

    Free Business Analysis

  • 300+ Apps Delivered

    300+ Apps Delivered

  • Guaranteed Project Delivery

    Guaranteed Project Delivery

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

  • Project Penalty Enforcement

    Project Penalty Enforcement

  • 5+ Years Of Exposure

    5+ Years Of Exposure

  • 5 Million + User Engagement

    5 Million + User Engagement

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How Do We Make A Wearable App?

Trust Us and We’ll Do the Rest, as We Are Best Wearable Application Development Organization in the UAE & US

  • Consultation


    Since wearable apps are one of the hottest aspects of IoT, our team of technicians is totally comfortable working with the latest technologies. Moreover, our team is well aware of the needs of iOS and Android wearable app creation/development.
  • Interface Wireframe

    Interface Wireframe

    The first thing that our team is going to do is provide you with a wireframe. Well, that wireframe will be having all the features that you asked for. This is proven to be the most crucial stage as you can ensure nothing is being left.
  • UI/UX Skeleton

    UI/UX Skeleton

    Being a Wearable Application Development Company we understand the purpose of your app. we know what to do and from what we need to keep a distance. We’ll send you the elements which will suit your app at every aspect.
  • API Development and Design

    API Development and Design

    In this stage, we will do the architectural process for embedded programming, data feeding and display for your app. We’ll also design the app according to the OS, for example, material design for Android and White Flat Design for Apple.
  • Customization


    Since we operate at Customer-centric agenda, at any point in time you can ask our team for application customization and we’ll be happy to do that. Being a trending technology, we understand its needs and requirements.
  • App Release

    App Release

    After all the testing is done, our team will present you with a Release build so that you can check and request for any optimization if needed. Once you get the approval we will release the app straight away while providing future updates as well.

Our Steps towards Application Modernization

We Are Listed Amongst the Top App Innovators in the US, UK and UAE



Porting and


Payment Gateway

XMPP Chat Server



Third-part App Integration

Live Streaming

Custom API


Our Wearable Apps Portfolio

We a Top-Rated Wearable App Development Agency, We build Apps with Innovative Features and Advanced Tools


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star wars
star wars
star wars
star wars


100 M
App Downloads
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100 M
App Downloads
Star Logo
Star Logo
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App Downloads
Star Logo
Star Logo
star wars


App Downloads
Star Wars

Know Our Major Industry Verticals

Being a Top Mobile App Development Company, We Serve Various Industries

Real Estate app Development

Real Estate & Property

Events & Tickets

Events & Tickets



Travel & Hospitality app development

Tour & & Travel

Social Networking Platforms

Social Networking

Education app development




Banking app development


Healthcare app development

Health & Fitness

Ecommerce app development


Gaming app


Food & Restaurant app Development

Food & Delivery

Gaming app

Virtual Reality

Food & Restaurant app Development


Ecommerce app development

Pick & Delivery

Gaming app


What Makes Fluper Different?

Fluper is not Only an Idea, But a Dream to Meet Business Needs

“Learning is something we focus on and with a team having expertise in their respective domain nothing is impossible.”

Users Engagement

Project Delivery

Business Analysis

"Penalty" Enforcement

Certified Partners

500+ "Apps Delivered"

IT Exposure

24*7 Availability

Know Our True Potential by Our Clients

Customer-Centric Mobile Applications that
Rating Bring Revolution in Your Business Ratings

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Passion is the Key That
Inspires Us to Deliver the Best

Driving Enterprises from All Over the World is Our True Power. We Don’t disappoint our Clients


Make the App Development
a Cakewalk

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