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Wearable Device
App- Apple Watch

Wearable App Development
by Domain Experts

Building Native Apps that Become the First and Foremost Choice of Users

Trend of Mobile Application Development as shifted recently from Mobile Devices to Smart Devices which are portable and wearable named as Wearables which are smart to carry out similar features and functionalities such a Mobile Device. At Fluper being a Top Rated Mobile Application Development Company, we tend to become top wearable application services provider specializing in provisioning qualified and exceptionally performing application specific to smart or wearable devices. We have shifted our focus towards wearable application development and have successfully delivered applications which are working seamless across devices such as Smart watches and Glasses. Applications designed and developed enable businesses or clients to get their mobile applications customized, transformed or build for wearable devices.

Additionally, Fluper offers end-to-end solution from web development to mobile app development. In this volatile world,native mobile app development and cross mobile app development has gained a considerable role. We have expertise in creating iOS App Development, iPad app development, and android tablet development. Our team of iOS app developers, Android App Developers and php developers are flexible to integrate their competency with the latest tools and technology so that our potential clients are not deprived from any innovation.

Top Wearable Mobile App Development

Impeccable for Wearable App Development Service

Wearable app development has gained momentum over the years. From cost optimisation to productivity gains, we cater cutting edge enterprise-grade applications in order to enhance the user engagement. Our wearable app developing services encompasses from creating intuitive apps to accommodate wearable devices to designing technical solutions to incorporate with the wider range of sensors and devices in order to empower mobility.

Fluper possesses comprehensive expertise in wearable App Development and gained virtuosity bringing sublime wearable solution that are customer centric yet exclusive at every possible technological corner. Our wearable app developers dedicate their day and night in order to ensure that our potential clients get best performance with the integration of top-notch features and functionalities and strive the users with amazing user experience.

Customized Fitness Based Applications

Fitness App for Wearable

Customized Fitness Based Applications have been already developed by Our Engineers for Fitness based Industry especially in Heart Rate Monitoring, Sugar or Blood Pressure Checkups, Calories Diagnosis etc.

Android Smart Watch App

Android Smart Watch App

Greater API's and SDKs availability in Android Ecosystem has already by extensively utilized by Our Engineers to develop seamless applications for Android Smart Watches. Get in touch to get one app for your business developed.

application developed for Smart Glasses

Apps for Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses tend to be extensively used in case of Video Sharing and Virtual Reality based applications for hard ware support they come with predefine SDKs and API's which can be easily used by us to get one application developed for your business.

iWatch Applications Development

Apple Smart Watch App

We tend to craft exceptional applications for iWatch Hardware following the iOS Architecture and Guidelines. Get in touch with us to get iWatch Applications Support.

Utility App for Wearable

Utility App for Wearable

Timers, Calculators, Maps or Navigation Applications are best examples of utility applications which Our Engineers are currently working on in recent projects.

Windows Application Development

Apps for Windows Wearable

Holo Lens device is also gaining popularity in field of Virtual reality such as Google Lens hence Our Engineers are constantly upgrading skills in Windows Application Development Domain.

IoT Based Wearable App Development

IoT Based Wearable App

We empower wearable devices to be used a remote controlling devices for connecting with other compatible devices for IoT based functionality implementation.

AR Applications for wearable devices

AR Wearable App

AR Applications for wearable devices such as smart glasses tend to enable modification of reality with new information. Hence We animate reality and digital information into augmented reality by using special 3D Programmers.

How We Develop Wearable Android Apps

  • Continuous Research and Experimentation with Wearable Devices.

  • We tend to craft use cases which tend to highlight the user experience of wearables.

  • We tend to enlist all the supportive or compatible hard wares which can support our wearable applications development.

  • We tend to craft smart art graphics to convey application idea.

  • We tend to utilize the existing API's or SDKs provided by the hardware and OS Provider in order to check the support and compatibility of the application across devices.

  • Our Quality Engineers tend to test applications by constant research, rigorous planning and practical implementation.

Wearable Android Apps
dedicated wearable app developers

Dedicated Wearable App Development Team

Dedicated Research Labs is very crucial for wearable application development in order to carry constant learning, training and guidance for engineers to understand the ecosystem and architecture of every stable wearable hardware or operating system.

  • Extensive Experience in Customization of Creation of Wearable Apis or SDKs.

  • Experience in Use Case Generation of Wearable Devices.

  • Experience in Compatibility Testing of Wearable Hardware and Operating Systems.

  • Exposure of Wearable Industry.

Wearable App Development Specialized Services

We tend to create mobile apps specific to every Industry or Business

We tend to craft exceptional, scalable wearable based applications which can be easily used for different domains and verticals and which are natively developed across different domains such as Android, iOS, Sony, Google, Samsung, Pebble, Puma, ARM, Fitbit etc. We tend to provision customized wearable driven applications by using latest technologies to become the leading wearable application development company.

Wearable App Development Services

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