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Business Engagement Model

Business Engagement Model

Business Engagement Model

With amalgamation of awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention in order to generate value proposition while streamlining the elaborate process, engagement model at Fluper is ascertained only after assessing the sort and size.

Business Engagement Model is a model considering the interaction between IT Service Provider and IT Service Consumer, with the ultimate motive to best distribute and align dedicated professionals who are capable to work either in the existing process or creating a new one bringing extensive experience as a key ingredient in the process of implementation and enhancement to reduce time-to-clients.

Fluper believes that different software development projects convey distinct kind of challenges, it is quite essential to progress with the appropriate model. Hence our engagement models are flexible and can be personalised which depends from project to project that can be tailored on the basis of maturity as well as complexities in terms of specifications, technology, and procedure.

Fixed Cost & Duration

Suitable for short to mid-sized projects with pre-defined requirements and budget where the end user is more likely to be the buyer of service or product. Since requirements are more likely not changed hence this is suitable whose anticipated duration of the project is low. What it looks for Business-to-consumers (B2C) venture while started on a low key.

While opting for this Fixed Cost Models, it has to be considered that enhancements of the project or incorporation of additional features and functionalities is only possible after the implementation of project not during the process of development, strictly regulated by tight budgetary and financial constraints.

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Fluper is one of the top-notch companies, believes in offering following innovative project by incorporating value-added services by bringing into use authenticated delivery model. This model is suitable who want total control as far as project and resources are concerned. While it suits the need of the client, the client is bestowed with the specialised team that can take care of all the attributes of the project.

This is a client engagement model in which Dedicated Developers are supposed to be working with client’s team complementing and their bandwidth are increased on the basis of skills, experience and resources. Putting it straightforwardly, our personnel will be dedicated to the project while the significant feature of this model is the client, that can excise entire control on selection, engagement, management and scaling according to the team, as a result the development cost along with the time to market can be considerably reduced. As a result, it increases ROI.

Development Team with a Potential to Serve You the Best

Fluper is an honor winning Ionic Application Development Company. We at Fluper make savvy and high performing Ionic application answers for ventures, and new businesses through enterprise Mobile Application Development.

Time and Material Model

The project suitable for this engagement model whose requirements can change dynamically i.e. where significant architecture-level and structural changes can trigger at any point while the software solution is evolving. Hence, the projects that are meant for long term time and material, where the contracts are meant for a defined number of hours.

The fixed price model project spins around the tasks that are directly corresponded to the total number of hours, more likely used on a particular task. Here a detailed reports are generated on “hours spent” outline which enable the authenticity along with the cross-verifications.

Time and Material Model

Offshore Development Centre

Offshore Development Centre

Based on the offshore engagement model, it has turned out to be a significant part of businesses encompassing from start-ups to large corporates. While making the best use of billing rates, the client may like to augment the staff or outsource the IT operations. It relies on continuous versioning where software is to be developed keeping in mind the feature enhancements.

The substantial part of this customer engagement model is that the changing specifications will more likely be administered by the market conditions. Releases and re-releases are predicted from the beginning, where maintenance and support is intrinsic to the existed developed portions and modules of the software.

Milestone Billing

This engagement model is appropriate especially for those long term projects that accompany highly-sophisticated schedule where clients regard the growth of distant projects where the model assists to justify the payment on the basis of pre-decided milestone, monthly, biweekly etc.

It reduces the risk while enhancing the business development. Apart from this, there are some other sort of advantages of outcome which are measurable and achievable which helps to deliver successful results.

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