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The internet has been a salient part of the modern culture ever since it has demonstrated its growth exponentially. While users are gradually moving away from the traditional laptops and moving in favour of access web on their mobile devices.

It has correspondingly skyrocketed the performance standards affiliated with Mobile Application Development and correspondingly made it indispensable for robust testing with utmost efficiency. It is regarded as one of the logical procedures imposed significance on the conference value in order to deliver quality of deliverables.

Development of mobile apps have been flourishing where a huge number of performers are believed to be tangled. While the formation of mobile applications is multifaceted, some of the developers may fail to deliver the end users which QA actions are completely skipped.

Development of Mobile Apps

Metrics For Product Quality

Fluper Develop Mobile Apps with Innovative Technology

Mobile App development

Bugs Found Rate

it identifies how efficiently QA team finds bugs during the process of testing at a particular period of time.

iOS Application development

Quality of Deliverables

It identifies capability to understand the issue and how easy to be fixed on the basis of documentation.

Android Application Development

Customer Satisfaction Rate

There are few parameters established in order to evaluate customer satisfaction rate.

Top Mobile App development

Post Launch Rate

After Go-live release, how many issues are encountered

Web Process Strategize

Why Is It Essential?

As soon as the development process is commissioned, it gears up the preparatory phase.

  • Offers pool of experts to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers.

  • Identifying the device the application is basically intended for. Perhaps communication devices vary on the basis of character, size, usability as well as functionality which develops the broad spectrum.

  • Identifying the function that has to offer and if in case earlier versions are already available or not.

  • Identifying if the mobile app created is scalable enough to suite different size or screen resolution.

  • Identifying the best model on the basis of suitability.

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To stabilise our existence at intense competition, we bring agile methodologies in order to ensure that no app must be delivered to the client with a single bug. Our testers dedicate day and night to identify bugs in the application and take all the necessary steps to enhance the overall user experience with quality standards.

Android Applications Portfolio

Certified Quality Tests

Our quality analysts have accreditations that can yield your product with utmost quality.

Bug-Free Applications

Advanced Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is furnished with all advanced facilities and devices that are suitable to test apps.

Latest Development Tools

Reduced Time-to-Market

In order to reduce the time-to-market, we dedicate to ensure zero errors at the stipulated period of time.

Dedicated Android Developers


his is the responsibility of our project managers to communicate you, each and every updates seamlessly in order to make sure that the app performance exceeds your desires.

Planned Evaluation

Competitive Pricing

We chalk strategies to trigger your ROI by delivering digital solution with cost efficiency.

Accomplishes Functional Requirements

The function of QA team is called upon to scrutinize the right functionality set forth in a right way. A mobile can be installed or even operated from the browser.

The team sets parameters on the basis of which it checks the correct interaction with other apps, whether it interacts with the database or syncing capacity over cellular networks or apps on the device.

fluper work Strategies
Mobile Apps development

Documentation Of Test Process

Documentation stipulates the ability to capture the complex testing tasks keeping in mind high level of precision. With the help of proficiency, one of the qualities of QA engineers, it helps to create comprehensive testing instructions with easy to follow language.

While it helps to examine each phase enlightened from end-user perspective but later on it adds to review the function accordingly.

What it really yields user feedback on a particular feature as compared with the similar mobile apps, sometimes on social media, which is further delivered to development team in order to foresee the possible shortcomings and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Testing Methodology At Fluper

  • Usability testing

  • Testing capabilities across multiple platforms, operating systems, devices and screen resolutions.

  • Manual Testing

  • Performance tests on the circumstances of stress, various load, endurance, volume, sensitivity to charge and control memory leaks.

  • Localisation testing

Testing multiple platforms
Dedicated Mobile App Development

A Bunch of things to Offer

  • Inflexible quality standards

  • Dedicated and optimised process to correspond the quality standards

  • Identifies and adopt the area of opportunities to enhance performance.

  • Prioritize special risk areas

  • Dedicated and customised processes

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Fluper Technology Stack

With the advancement of technology, organizations are ready to embrace it for their business growth. However, implementing them is not as simple as it seems to be. It takes a lot of time, resources, and market analysis. We, at Fluper, worked on various advanced technologies to bring the best to our clients.

What Makes Fluper Different?

Fluper is not Only an Idea, But a Dream to Meet Business Needs

“Learning is something we focus on and with a team having expertise in their respective domain nothing is impossible.”

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Users Engagement

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Business Analysis

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mobile app developers
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top mobile app developers
top mobile app developers

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