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Mobile & Web App
Development Services

From industry leaders to startups, Fluper has the potential to cater all your business pain-points. Being a startup, it may be difficult for you to trust any random organization, but we ensure a scalable mobile app to grow your business. On the other hand, industry giants want an app with a capability to double their profits and Fluper has the efficiency to do that. We categorized ourselves as the mentor or partner. With an expert team, we guarantee impeccable business solutions. Your business growth is what our main objective. The applications we build are the results of cutting-edge technologies and thorough market research. Moreover, with our effective designs, in-depth market research, and on-time delivery, we have become one of the leading organizations in the industry.

One-Stop Solutions for
Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Fluper Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Product management

Product Management

Mobile App Design

Product Design

Web Development

Web Development

Mobile App Portfolio

Quality Assurance

Mobile Application development


Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Our top-class Mobile App Development Services are Android, iOS, and native apps. We build them in such a way that they are compatible with multiple platforms and have a tempting UI/UX. With the potential in frameworks and leading languages, we examine the top-class choices for you. Moreover, we are here to implement new things and evolving your business in a faster way. Fluper is ready to face every challenge with its expert team. These are our key services as mentioned:

  • iOS Apps

    iOS Apps

  •  Android Apps

    Android Apps

  • UI/UX Development

    UI/UX Development

  • Mobile App Consultancy

    Mobile App Consultancy

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

  • Mobile App Integrations

    Mobile App Integrations

  • App Analytics & Intelligence

    App Analytics & Intelligence

  • App Support & Maintenance

    App Support & Maintenance

  • Backend Development

    Backend Development

  • Multilingual Application

    Multilingual Application

  • Android VR apps

    Android VR apps

  • IoT-enabled Wearable Apps

    IoT-enabled Wearable Apps

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

The second mobile App Development Service we provide is a peer-to-peer consulting on launch, strategy, and product roadmap. Our team defines risks, timeline, investment, and development tactic to build a solution. Cautious analysis of available code, recognition of business issues, and arrangement for better ROI is done before the reconstruction of an existing solution.

  • Planned Product Definition

    Planned Product Definition

  • Business & Market Insight

    Business & Market Insight

  • Concept Validation

    Concept Validation

  • Features prioritization

    Features prioritization

  • Usability testing

    Usability testing

  • Content Strategy

    Content Strategy

  • Data Opportunity Strategy

    Data Opportunity Strategy

Project Management

Project Management

Another important part of mobile app development is project management. Here, we offer software requirement specification, app development roadmap, artifacts, development and testing using the Agile Method. The entire process becomes easy with our experienced project coordinators and managers, certified scrum masters, and business analysts. All of them put their full efforts for each project and brings forth something unique. They analyze the scope of your solution, keep a track of the progress, and implement ideas into actions. In addition, every step we take is transparent and you can give your suggestions anytime you want.

  • Project Planning

    Project Planning

  • Scope Management

    Scope Management

  • Project Estimation

    Project Estimation

  • Resource Management

    Resource Management

  •  Risk Estimation

    Risk Estimation

  •  Communications Management

    Communications Management

  • Software requirement specification (SRS)

    Software requirement specification (SRS)

Product Design

Product Design

One of the crucial components of Mobile app design services is product design. A good designing tactic results in a good app performance and makes it popular among users. At Fluper, we conceptualize everything, focus on visual designing, and bring forth delightful user experience. One of the crucial things we aim at regular testing and valuable feedback from our testers, as well as users. Our team of skilled professionals brings out the best outcomes, by making modifications till the final stage. What all is including in this:

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture

  • Usability Testing

    Usability Testing

  • Behavioral Data Analysis

    Behavioral Data Analysis

  • Push Notification Strategy

    Push Notification Strategy

  • Prototyping


  • Visual design concept

    Visual design concept

  • User experience analytics

    User experience analytics

Web Development

Web Development

Responsive and web-enabled mobile apps have now become a necessity. If you are not capable of doing such apps to your users, then they would not consider your services. Hence, we believe in providing customized solutions so that, your app can work on different platforms. This is a crucial aspect of delightful user-experience. We integrate back-end, front-end, and architecture ability via technologies.

  • SaaS Products

    SaaS Products

  • Portal Development

    Portal Development

  • Custom Application Development

    Custom Application Development

  • Web Application Support & Maintenance

    Web Application Support & Maintenance

  • Website Development & Maintenance

    Website Development & Maintenance

  • E-Commerce Development

    E-Commerce Development

  • Open Source Website Development

    Open Source Website Development

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We know that developing an app without a quality check is not enough. Therefore, we do iterative testing of mobile apps and web apps to ensure the proper working of the application. With a collaboration of manual testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, and regular integration, we offer products without any bug. Our team also does individual software quality assessment, in order to lessen the investment cost.

  • Automation


  • QA Analysis

    QA Analysis

  • QA Strategy

    QA Strategy

  • QA Execution

    QA Execution

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

We collect, collate, synthesize, and examine the data from your personal connected gadgets and business to create triggers for executing actions that can be regulated via simple-to-use customizable dashboards. We have technologists and UX experts, in order to assist you to interact with your raw data by multiple protocols, like Wifi, NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth. Some of our tools are Arduino, Core NFC, Raspberry, etc.

Why Fluper is the Leading App
Development Services

We believe in following simple strategy, assimilating client requirements, and making them our topmost priority. Not only this, we give them:

Exceptional Branding

Exceptional Branding

We, at Fluper, deliver amazing identity to your mobile app, which makes your app unique. Associated with your prearranged typography and colors, or build a completely new one, if required.

Constant Progress

Constant Progress

Due to our regular delivery model, you will start getting a working edition of your app to install in your device. Every week we offer a build of your mobile app with the latest updates.

Security and Observance

Security and Observance

Fluper follow the standard regulatory, as well as compliance guidelines to make sure that your app is safe and secure. This means every user can access the data without any safety issue.

Disruptive Applications

Disruptive Applications

We are expert in providing the solutions that focus on scalable systems and innovative technology. You get our support throughout the software or app development lifecycle. From conceptualizing, Designing, deployment.

Pleasant User Experience

Pleasant User Experience

Delivering an exceptionally delightful experience is what our team is expert at. We offer a simple and understandable app store description; educate new users about your mobile app, and 24*7 supports to resolve all your queries.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

With the help of Agile Methodology, we provide flexibility so that you can make modifications at any stage of the app development. Our engineers collaborate between Operations, as well as Development.

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We incorporate with our clients in three ways. In order to meet the requirements and budgets, we give them a flexible engagement model.

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