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Business promotion plays an important role which must be scrutinised in order to give the best possible yield. But unlike the traditional mechanism of promotion which includes radio marketing, print media marketing, door-to-door marketing etc. in the digital era, there are different procedures with varying cost, global reach, access, and output measurement. Although the sources of promotion has branched out further but role of promotion has modified as time passed on.

What is Promotion?

Although promotion and advertising are more often considered to be synonymous but they aren’t. Advertising regarded to be one of the specific actions that is undertaken to promote the service or product. Promotion is the voice of the company which deploys the brand message in a louder way on the basis of goal, objectives and priorities of the company.

While undertaking the promotion schedule, the main motive is to expand the loyal consumer base with the invitation of new customers to try out the brand. This would not only enhance the brand awareness, but would deploy appropriate information with constant increase in traffic.

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Trends shaping the idea of promotion in digital era


New Techniques To Integrate Leads

In the digital era, lead generation has played a substantial role where marketers are outlining strategies to connect digital promotion channels with CRM platforms.

This has been considered to be the most authentic way to connect with the potential customers in the most relevant ways by acquiring and integrating new leads via automated platform to drive the results.

Content Marketing

Internet is a crowded place and promoting with the piece of content looks for a robust strategy. Starting with the comprehensive research by the content creation and ideation phase, it identifies the true audience by undertaking influencer marketing, comment marketing, Guest posting, Press Release, and Social Media. Organic promotion is the one that ensures long-run promotion but paid promotion gives an additional nudge.

In this agile ecosystem, paid social media and display ads must be used for better identification of content distribution network. After writing the killer content, syndicating the content is the final step to outreach the channel and expand the audience.


Search Engine Optimisation

Promotion without a sound website is something next to futile. Search Engine Optimisation plays an important role in order to optimise the mobile search and browsing. Link building considered to be a significant driver identified by Google.

When Voice search has come and expanded into the picture, it must not be ignored since it can be one of the deciding factors for the soundness of website. Shorter URLs with perfect placement of keywords will directly impact SEO and passively impact the health of website.

Influencer Marketing

Perhaps influencer marketing has expanded in the past couple of years. Marketers at one place increasing the efforts and enhancing the budget to make it a part of the tactic as a strategy on the other hand it renders upper hand in the part of promotion. Influencer marketing that prioritise on utilising key drivers to deploy brand’s message to significant market segment.

These key leaders can be Vloggers to celebrities in Facebook and Instagram. Influencer marketers are expected deployment of words through their personal channel since traditional ads are turning outdated.


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Competent Bloggers

Our team of skilled and experienced bloggers are subjected to latest happenings in the thriving ecosystem which makes the promotion strategy successful.

Solutions Under One Roof

Services that are needed to make the promotion are catered under one roof with additional nudge so that the client can yield best out of the solutions.

Flexible Infrastructure

Our infrastructure enables our marketers to adapt new episodes and technology whole-heartedly so that our potential customers do not lost the pace of marketing trends.

Measurement and Tracking

Our campaigns are created according to the achievable goals which make it inevitable to outline a framework in order to track measurement.

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Why Fluper?

Fluper is a top notch digital marketing company accommodating competent digital marketers. We have dedicated analysts where they perform comprehensive research and identify feasible grounds so that our clients can correspond the marketing pace conveniently. We have also earned reputation as online lead generation Service provider which has considerably made our holistic promotion strategy a true success.

Fluper started as mobile app development Company and gradually enlisted as one of the top mobile app development company. With the ultimate motive to enhance ROI, we have created mobile apps that have established it beyond the horizon of innovation. Our skilled team of mobile app developers are flexible to absorb the latest technology.


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