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Business To Taxi App Solution?

Left those days when getting a cab was the next big thing for a ride back home. In order to bring the best riding experience, we have recreated Uber-like app to captivate the cab solution all across the globe. Like Uber has posed a serious threat over the traditional taxi business. In case you are looking to create a disruptive innovator then Fluper has created “Fonetaxi”, an Uber-like app with technologically enhanced features and functionalities something beyond Uber.

We understand that Uber like app is massive where it is indeed a huge success that has changed the entire story of taxi and ground transportation. We have carried out the same concept and implemented it on our “Fonetaxi” which offers something more what Uber has to offer. Like Uber, it has two mobile apps, not one! Without a driver mobile app, nobody can drive around the passenger. Additionally it runs on two platforms and one admin panel.

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Why Look Around
Taxi App Like Uber?

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The massive Uber’s business model has something become synonymous to Giant like Google which has given a rise on the number of On-Demand platforms that has been adapted by the different verticals, posed the disruptive forces which has successfully tapped the demand and supply trends that we are observing all across the globe. Although the peculiar nature of online and offline with the involvement of several stakeholders made these platforms quite demanding to design and scale accordingly, it has constituted it to be disrupted by various value chain. There are some standard features of Uber of GPS, map and routes drawing, Registration and matching system, Notifications and communication, Payment System, Car and User details and Rating which has made the word “Ubernisation” justified. Hence creating an Uber-like Mobile App Development will certainly move on-demand spectrum to deal with different markets, geographies, to garner increased profit and revenue.

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What Do We Offer?

What we offer is the customisation of Uber-like app development an amazing price without jeopardising the quality of the app which is expected at the end of the app development. As per the requirement of the Client and understanding the business model, we create customised Uber like app.

we conduct comprehensive research and make detailed analysis in order to better understand the business and document the scope accordingly. We have a team of technical enthusiasts and Developers who can execute the business according to the client’s need. Here’s our solution in order to create an Uber-like app:

  • Mobile app for passenger

  • Web Admin for dispatche

  • Web admin panel for owners

  • Mobile app for drivers

  • Implementation & Launch

  • Enhanced taxi app features

Features Of Uber Like App

The Uber-like app will consist of the following features:

No Additional


Social Media


Auto Payment
Feature And Status

Easy Website

Easy Fare

Tracing Features On
Real Time Basis

Auto Dispatch
Of Taxi

of GPS

Automatic Route

Strong Analytics


We have a limited budget. Can you create Uber like Clone in that budget?

The cost of creating and executing an app like Uber looks for multiple features and functionalities. Although cost of app relies on features and functionalities which can be scalable according to your predetermined budget but we are dedicated and committed enough to give you something beyond Uber, hence it is difficult to give the same features and functionalities like Uber.

Will your app suitable for small taxi companies?

Yes, our Uber-like app is suitable for any scale of taxi companies –small, medium or large. You have identified the right company to create enriched features and functionalities with the best UI/UX Designs.

What do I need to know to use Fluper cab app solution?

Fluper apps do not require any hardware or other equipment. All you need is a smartphone and PC with an internet connection. What we provide is a high-tech working in order to keep pace with the technological advancements. Once you have bought the service from us, we will be becoming your technological partner where we set the whole solution to make you app top of the chart and with authentic App store optimisation we will upload the app in app-store. We provide an authentic 3 months post maintenance support so in order to get yourself away from frown.

How do I buy Fluper solution?

You can contact us and our business analysts will help you out and will explain you comprehensively about pricing plan, procedures, technical details and demo.

How quickly can I have my Taxi solution?

It depends on the features and functionalities you are intending to add. If you want to create at a large scale and creating like a mobile app like Uber requires two apps for driver and passenger. We have a team in order to meet your needs efficiently on time.

What are the payment gateway you recommend?

Although we are experienced with lot of payment gateways and we have excelled in giving best of the security by integrating one of the popular and secured payment gateway like Paypal.

Will you help us to push our mobile app to the app market?

Yes, we have team to deploy best of the strategies to make your app on top of the chart. What we need to have your credentials and rest will be taken care of. We maintain utmost confidentiality and transparency where we are completely responsible to deploy you the best of the strategies to encourage your million dollar idea. As far as admin panel and back-up setting are considered, that will be deployed according to your preferences.

How Fluper is different from any other mobile app development company?

We are regarded as the leading Mobile innovators in the space of innovation:

Strategy: We are known to formulate strategies that are designed according to the verticals of the business. While creating an Uber-like app, we have a separate team of analysts in order to undergo profound analysis to help the traditional or startups to harness their potential.

Development: We have an experienced team of development that are obliged enough to formulate developmental strategies in order to determine the eternal elevation of growth chart which is essential to create an Uber-like app.

Design: What elevates the brand like Uber is its intrigue UI/UX and designers in Fluper have not only justified the horizons of the standard but extended it far beyond the demarcation.

Marketing: Our post maintenance feature provides assistance in order to outreach the potential customer base where we chalk out the strategies in order to ensure the presence in the global market and its long-run survival.

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