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Integrative project development

Expertise is what suitable us to define. What we incorporate is a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach that accommodates strategy and cutting-edge technology in order to deliver B2B to B2E.

It includes websites and web apps encompassing from startups to large scale enterprises by integrating adaptive agile approach with pertinence.

fluper work Strategies
Web Process Strategize

Requirement Analysis

Management of user requirement is the significant to deal with any project. Familiarity with user requirement is key to go further to identify the solution concentrating on recognizing, gathering, communicating and documenting the customer requirement in order to achieve the robust and practical outcome. Fluper do not stick to a particular method of requirement gathering:

  • Frequent meetings with Clients
  • Group discussions with potential team
  • Group Interviews
  • RFPs(Request For Proposals)
  • Prototyping in order to gather key requirements


Design is a few facet of innovation that is more likely to be overlooked by web and mobile apps. Fluper considers app market to be competitive and can be a game changing strategy. We prioritise User Interface and User Expertise. We believe that a product’s identity can be best explained with creativity and functionality.

  • Preliminary research
  • Establishing Informational Architecture
  • Incorporation of Prototypes with Animation
  • Microinteractions
  • Rigorous test
fluper work Strategies
fluper work Strategies


At this point we start to set up storage, databases, APIs and servers as they start building the backend of the prototype. We incorporate agile methodologies in the entire process of app development process. While developing, it is quite essential to regard multiple factors:

  • Multitasking
  • Form factor
  • Device
  • OS Fragmentation


While each of the module is rigorously tested, the real excitement starts at this point. While the entire developed action is put to action we create a beta version. In order to achieve the best result we undergo multiple testing phases under various environments and conditions.

  • Eliminate bugs
  • Enhance clients’ confidence level
  • Adds value
  • Publicize a good word of mouth
  • Enable final adjustments
fluper work Strategies
fluper work Strategies

Final launch

Now that every steps are accomplished, now we get ready to take with the masterpiece. After conducting rigorous testing with additive quality assurance, our mobile app developers take the necessary steps to get the app accommodated in their respective app stores and web browsers surpassing the standards of online stores.

  • Consider initial app store success
  • Analyse retention rates
  • Strategy to engage and re-engage users over time
  • Optimisation of app
  • Re-evaluation to grow

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