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Augmented Reality App

You must have encountered wider range of sensors including a camera, computer components or display devices in order to strive the virtual objects into real world.

Augmented Reality which is more likely to take the real world of the present and extending digital imagery and sound into it.

Falling on the continuum of mediated reality, augmented reality has manifested one of the biggest moves as far as Mobile Application Development sectors are concerned. It is a two-fold model considering digital and real world that give inception to the new aspect of the world.

Augmented Reality App
augmented reality App Developers

Brief Overview of Augmented Reality

Integration of digital transformation with the user’s environment by utilising the existing environment and veneer new information on top of it. The concept of augmented reality coined in the year 1990 by Boeing researcher Thomas Caudell to explain how the head-mounted displays when assembling complicated wiring harness, worked by the electricians.

Although it has already enabled to make huge waves considering the mobile technology landscape which has already started disrupting forces across diverse industry sectors circumscribing from finance to retail. Since, it has been thriving for last couple of years, enabled app developers and businesses to overlay digital data on top of the real world objects.

Pioneer Platforms for Augmented Reality Development

Perhaps it seems that the story of Augmented Reality has already strived the pinnacle point. It is through the advancement across the augmented reality with the enhancement over hardware and software that has together paved the way for Augmented reality to disrupt the field of gaming, and media. However, it can be evidenced that the story of Augmented Reality has just begun to trigger.

While you have decided to create an augmented Reality app, there are couple of platform that can be considered. These platforms can be used to develop app across smartphones, tablets and wider range of wearable devices. Today, when we regard the number of augmented products, then it includes DroidAR, ARPA SDK’s, Vuforia SDK and Wikitude SDK.

Although some of the platforms do support a single platform like DroidAR product i.e. Android. But there are various Augmented Reality platforms that are focused on multiple platforms which includes android, iOS, Windows, Google Glass and Unity.

Augmented Reality platforms Development
Top-Notch AR Apps

Top-Notch AR Apps, You Can’t
Miss Out

Fluper has gained expertise in major AR tools such as Vuforia, Catchroom, Augment and ViewAR where Fluper is ready to establish to be your technology partner, we take strategies in order to convert your million dollar idea into a marketable reality. Our services extend beyond programming and establish performance oriented designs.

  • Client oriented engagement model

  • Robust strategy to offer QA standards

  • A team of competent and experienced developers

  • Intrigue UI/UX designs

  • Immense technical expertise

  • 24*7 tracking

Give a Kicking Start to Your AR Development Project with Fluper

Augmented reality has been in proximity for a long period of time. The journey of its success started within military in order to make the pilots equipped with goggles that could display a discreet layer of radar data with the ultimate motive to optimise missile attack.

Fluper is a Top-Notch Mobile App Development Company that has manifested itself to wizard in the domain of augmented reality. We possess all the expertise to extend your idea to a marketable reality. With the incorporation of advanced level programming, we offer 2D and 3D Game and App Developers encompassing cross platform support with cutting edge emulator to test the game with utmost Quality Assurance.

  • Impenetrable security

  • End to end development

  • Access to the advanced tools and technologies

  • Agile methodologies

  • Innovative notions

  • Loyalty

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With the advancement of technology, organizations are ready to embrace it for their business growth. However, implementing them is not as simple as it seems to be. It takes a lot of time, resources, and market analysis. We, at Fluper, worked on various advanced technologies to bring the best to our clients.

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