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We are no longer in those days when mobile apps were just an option for the source of entertainment. They have reached to every vertical of the globe. Likewise, the way it has extended its tentacles, it does not seem like dying in the near future. Adding this as one of the strategy, it will certainly elevate ROI and would ensure long run survival. So, you have an idea and eager to get it developed sooner, then chalk out the app development requirements. This has to be decided by you whether you want to get it run on a single platform or multiple platform. And in case, you have ascertained on multiple platform. Then you need to elucidate between native or cross platform app developments.

While you being prepared for the potential challenge, mobile app development involves with innumerable occurrences. So, it is always beneficial to hire a pool of talented and dedicated mobile app developers from a top mobile app development Services that are bound with commitment.

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Why fluper

Why Fluper?

  • "Offers pool of experts to hire dedicated Mobile app developers"
  • "Certified professionals"
  • "Advanced Infrastructure"
  • "Pundit in tailored and customised mobile app"
  • "Dedicated Team Allocation"
  • "Clearly streamlined communications system"
  • "Intellectually penetrated mobile app developers"
  • "Amazing plan for post development, support and maintenance"
  • "Self-intuitive UI/UX designs"
  • "Guaranteed Revenue generation"
  • "Penalty enforcement in case of delivery delay"
  • "Completely established Back-up and restoration"
  • "Delivery at stipulated budget and time-period"
  • "Strict compliance of NDA terms "

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We have already catered with non-technical clients. What we really look from our client is to clearly express what their vision is. Irrespective a rustic one, share every single drop of your vision and our mobile app developers are experienced enough to mould your vision with our end-to-end solution from mobile app development to web app development.

Both the approach has its own benefits. With Cross-platform technology, it uses a single source-code in order to create an application for multi-platform. We have immense experience on Xamarin app Development, and Phonegap app development so that all the benefits of cross-platform app can be extended to our potential clients. In native mobile app, default language is utilised and IDE for Android and iOS. Mobile app developers have gained expertise to create both the approach with same efficiency.

Know your customer” has been more than a trend. A mobile app is capable enough to create more value to the customers, building up a stronger brand, and better connectivity with customers which would help in revenue generation with elevated ROI.

Fluper offers 24*7 real time tracking and project management with dedicated team allocation. Our Client Acquisition team is 24*7 ready to conduct call sessions with the technical team in order to give detailed description, wireframing as per the requirements, effort estimation sharing per feature per working hour, quotation and timeline discussion etc. We take module-wise development and testing with client approval and feedback in order to proceed to the next milestone.

Although features and functionalities rely on budget stipulated. But Fluper is capable to give the scalable solution in order to meet the business requirements exactly. Our dedicated mobile app developers incorporate innovation with their existed creativity in order to give you features-enriched mobile app. Our development based on agile methodologies make some features which unparalleled

In order to offer bug-free mobile app, we have in-house testing team in order to give the outcome as per the expectation of clients. But considering the client’s perspective, we encourage them to conduct a test in order to have them to their best of the knowledge what is exactly happing into the mobile app. As far as admin panel which will be managed by the client or their team must understand everything about the app before the app is actually going to get live.

We take the entire responsibility from designing to App Store Optimisation so that your million dollar idea actually be profitable which you desired while discussing about your vision.

We comply with the NDA signed in order to ensure that your million dollar idea will not be compromised in any of the scenarios.



Fluper tends to prove its competency and exellence in Mobile Application Development via extensive portfolio spread across multiple domains and vertical covered by following list.


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