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Cross Platform App Development


This is a volatile ecosystem where multi-platform mobile application development has received prominence by extending the same user experience and functionality of native apps with the addition of multi-platform compatibility. This approach regarded as the best of both the worlds where users are no longer required to trade-off between the native platforms.

Cross mobile app development which has strived a middle ground as far as mobile strategy is concerned looks for top notch mobile app development company.Fluper is one of the reputed mobile app development company that are eligible to give the best cross-platform mobile app solution.

Our dedicated mobile have developers undertake comprehensive research in order to understand the latest updates in cross plat form architecture and guidelines; they are very well exposed to hybrid platform technology from xamarin App Development , Phone Gapmobile app development which enable them to utilize cross platforms techniques to create rapid applications for multiple platforms which are responsive across all.

Experience and Proven Track Record in Cross Platform Application Development tend to prove our capabilities to craft smart applications which are highly qualified with latest standards, performing according to latest technologies in order to generate optimum results towards client's demand.

cross platform application development
cross platform application development process

Why Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

  • Cross mobile apps can be potentially developed faster rather than iOS and Android respectively. Instead of creating a new codebase for each platform, one codebase can easily be leveraged and customised for multiple platforms.
  • Because of a single code base, better code maintainability can be expected. Instead of creating multiple native apps from scratch, it is rather efficient enough to build one cross-platform app that is functional across all the platforms
  • In case of cross-platform mobile app development, updates are instantly synced all the platforms and devices. One team can easily deploy the number of updates with the help of number of technologies like Appcelerator, Phonegap etc.
  • Cross-platform mobile app development taps into a greater market potential as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android secured top positions worldwide. Hence creating a cross-platform mobile apps extends the added advantage where more people can be reached.
  • Marketing becomes quite easier when a large fan base is covered where it no longer requires to deliver niche messages to a specific set of people.



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