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Cross Platform App Development


Our App Development Performers have an in-depth knowledge about the cross platform architecture and guidelines; they are very well exposed to hybrid platform technology which enables them to utilize cross platforms techniques to create rapid applications for multiple platforms which are responsive across all. Crafting Applications by using tools and techniques of Platforms like PhoneGap, Titanium, Sench HTML5/CSS or other web development technologies like JavaScript, Jquery are their forte.

Experience and Proven Track Record in Cross Platform Application Development tend to prove our capabilities to craft smart applications which are highly qualified with latest standards, performing according to latest technologies in order to generate optimum results towards client's demand.

cross platform application development
cross platform application development process

Our Process

  • We tend to craft design strategies with cross platform compatibility and functionalities which can be replicated across multiple platforms
  • Usage of Fluid degradation which is needed in order to replicate similar functionalities in different platforms but by fading functionalities to a minimum number for more platforms implementation.
  • Multiple Unique Codebases Generation tend to enable unique codebases for different platforms with similar functionalities. Hence this enables us to create platform specific code.
  • Single Codebase Strategy also helps us in different way by keeping one code which can be compiled in different ways across multiple platforms hence reducing code size.
  • Use of Third Party External Libraries tends to make platform compatibility simpler by reducing complexities by utilizing unified Apps.
  • Creating Responsive Web Design by crafting visual layouts which have optimal viewing experience.