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Last year due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Google is one of the first-ever U.S. organizations to send workers home. They are going to set the latest remote working policies as it accelerates plans to get employees to rejoin the daily office days.
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Millions and more Americans are taking vaccines day after day, Google is augmenting to reopen their offices in major parts of the U.S. on a volunteer basis. After 1st September, the return deadline will be the actual target of Google to rejoin their employees at their respected offices. In April, offices will gradually reopen that depends upon the availability of vaccines and if Coronavirus cases trending downward. 

It almost turns to a year since carrying work from home strategy, hence, the return and rejoins to the office will encourage employees with stronger emotions. This has been opined by the current Google’s Head of People Operations, Fiona Cicconi. Cicconi also asked their workers to get vaccinated though it’s not compulsory. 

Google also fixed an alternative option for employees to choose like if any employee wants to carry work from home strategy after the 1st of September, then he/she have to apply for it formally. They can usually take 14 days work from home facility but for more than that time span up to 12 months, it will be granted in any highly exponential scenarios. However, still, the company holds the power.


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