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Let us suppose you had an amazing idea for a smartphone application and you’ve wanted to make it come alive. You developed a fantastic smartphone app, spent months planning, improving, and reviewing user interface and you launched it. Now you have to disperse it to the public!

The approach that appears to work best is to keep the product in the middle and surround it with lovely colors and simple design of the user interface.

Vibrant colors, full-screen pictures, videos, and other fun and catchy tools all contribute to the allure. The Mobile App websites are a fantastic source of inspiration when designed correctly.

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When you need inspiration for the Best Mobile Apps Design, take a look at these awesome app websites which will give you some ideas for your next project.


Acorns is a financial software designed to help people, particularly first-time investors, start investing in a portfolio of exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, that the organization picks and manages, with small automated investments.

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BeardSwipe is an amazing April Fools’ Day joke app — a smartphone device that lets bearded men access their iPhone by rubbing their phones against their facial hair. The iStrategyLabs has designed a one-page website app that elegantly communicates the BeardSwipe app’s full deal.

Leading Apps and Website Designs



The Bright New Day app delivers an all-time stream with inspiring and motivational advice from extraordinary individuals and cultures. Responsive website production and a one-page iOS device show smooth transitions as you search towards the inspiring quotation message “It’s a Happy New Day.”



The Fabrik app allows you to create fun portfolio websites. You can add images and video to your projects and forums, choose how to show your work, choose a theme, and customize the web design to make it one of a kind.


There are too many different ways and strategies to build a web application for a smartphone device. It’s the perfect way to keep educated on brilliant user interface programming and how it can be helpful. With this, you will track the new mobile app developments in web design.

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