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It was 2013 when an idea backed by strapping tenacity and foresightedness came into existence in form of an IT company that was named Fluper. It can’t be coined as a “million-dollar idea” as entering into the IT industry facing stiff competition required much diligent efforts and innovation to sustain.

But it was an individual commitment that turned into discerning group efforts and created a benchmark in the IT industry with its innovative and out-of-the-box approach towards software development. Today, Fluper has established itself as the top mobile app development agency in India, UK, UAE, and US with some noticeable and premium apps developed for various tech giants from different corners of the world.

A great Concept Transforming Digital Solutions

The company believed in delivering sheer excellence and hence, deliberately pooled up human resources that were best examples of software expertise in their respective domains. A straightforward approach towards clients and transparency in delivering software services with unmatched expertise is something that helped Fluper to gain instant recognition within these seven years and make it a super successful IT company today. Indefatigable efforts and being innovatively consistence in delivering expert app development solutions has contributed a lot towards Fluper’s success.

How Fluper came into Exhistence?

Fluper is a combination of two words “fluid” and “performers” that lays a robust foundation for a platform where businesses can avail swift app development services along with innovative digital marketing strategies to mark a presence in this stiffly competitive digital era. A one-stop platform where innovation meets creativity and expertise and software solutions that yield value for umpteen emerging organizations to fulfill their dreams.

Mr. Anshul Sharma, the Founder of Fluper heightened this company from mere a startup to industry’s top app development company with never-ending energy and vigor. His never-give-up approach and unmatched professionalism redefined companies objectives and goals from time-to-time meeting the emerging global trends in app development and marketing.

It’s all About Temperament

When asked Mr. Anshul Sharma that what does it take to empower an idea to transform into a success story, he replied, “attitude and temperament to achieve something that is uncompromised and irreplaceable”. We have always learnt from our mistakes and our dedication and commitment towards app development has been a fuel to boost our efficacy. Moreover, constant focus on innovation and creativity added to our worth and we never stepped back no matter how big the challenge was and whatever it took to accomplish it.

In 2013, we just entered the market without any major experience and guidance. With a sense of fear and anxiety followed by lack of connections, we strived to overcome every possible hurdle with our never-ending energy and astuteness. But the vision was always clear; to develop a team where passion and experience come together to create history. As we proceeded, things started falling into line and we remained thoroughly intuitive in our approach towards advanced app development at an affordable rate so that we can target maximum startups.

The Turning Point

2019 proved to be milestone in our success journey and we delivered some major projects in US, UAE, and UK with complete dedication and unmatched innovation in app development services. We also started realizing the need for a robust marketing strategy to help businesses gain an extra edge over cut-throat competition. Our area of expertise was getting diverse and we perfectly adapted to the changes to keep our services stand out of others.

Fluper Achievements 2021 

Today, Fluper has a team of more than 300 software experts including developers, designers, testers, analysts, project managers, and market researchers. The company has delivered more than 300 successful projects with a client retention rate of above 80%. Fluper got certified by IBM and NASCOM and the company never looked back and fluttered its success flag with a worldwide client base including some top tech giants.

Fluper has a fine grip over client dealing that helped it to deliver strategic consulting, product management, chatbots, product design, agile app development, web development, and quality assurance as its core services. Apart from diversifying its core services, the company constantly focused on on-time delivery of projects. The 9-month free app marketing strategy further added to the reasons to hire Fluper for developing unique software solutions for businesses. In 2018, the company was awarded as the top innovative IT firm.

Reaching the Pinnacle

Today, Fluper is on its way towards creating history by implementing the most advanced and innovative methodologies to offer unmatched software services to its clients and paving ways for them to establish as a successful company in their respective domains. Fluper, in 2021 has evolved as an inspiration for many startups with following glittering badges in its profile:

  • 9+ Years of Experience
  • 375+ Expert Professionals
  • 750+ Apps Delivered Successfully
  • 75+ Google Awarded Apps
  • 95% Client Retention Rate
  • 10 million Worldwide User Base
  • 150+ featured Apps
  • 800 million Revenue Generation

Being Better will Always be a Priority

An approach that makes this uniquely different IT company stand out of umpteen software service providers. Fluper explored every possible way to get better in its software development services and sees a scope for betterment in its each development aspect. With a constant focus on innovation and expertise, Fluper is surely going to achieve unimaginable milestones that many IT organizations just keep dreaming. We wish them all good luck for their future endeavors to sustain in this digitally advanced era and become an exemplary for various startups to learn lot more things from Fluper’s success story.

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