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After rental car app development has gained much recognition and appreciation by people across the globe, the trend has outreached to rental e-scooter app development. There are multiple reasons that support this shift. The idea is to make day-to-day commuting more affordable, flexible, and conveniently accessible to people as and when they want them. It’s a wonderful investment opportunity to generate heavy revenues through this unique and innovative concept.

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E-scooters have started revolutionizing the transport industry with its cost effectiveness and fun ride that remains on the top of the list for people to opt for this means of transport. If you are looking for an amazing idea that can help you make good money, rental e-scooter app development is what you must focus. This blog will offer creative insights towards e-scooter app development so that you can come up with robust and foolproof rental e-scooter app development to create a buzz in the transportation sector.

A Quick Overview of E-scooter Evolution

A Quick Overview of E-scooter Evolution

The first electronic scooter Autoped came into existence right after three years when Titanic sank, in 1915 in New York. At that time, it was a practical symbol of women’s newfound freedom and mobility. After many years of struggle, the concept gained much hype in 1991 when e-scooters made a comeback with lithium-ion-based batteries which made them much eco-friendly and cost-effective way to travel. Companies like Micro and Razor reignited the passion for scooters and in 2001, Go-Ped were launched which were world’s first electronically-powered scooters.

In December 2016, Washington-based Spin company revolutionized the transport industry by launching an app to rent and hire these e-scooters which was followed by another two giants; Lime and Bird. The craze for rental e-scooter app development emerged thereafter and is now gaining momentum with every passing year.

Working Model of E-scooter Apps

Working Model of E-scooter Apps

E-scooters are widely used to travel short distances like from home to office or gym or for just fun factor that is hugely popular among teens. With its growing popularity, let’s dive into the working model of e-scooter apps.

A user needs to register for the app filling some required information and then log into the app using those credentials. You will get an option for payment details through which you can easily make payments either in cash or digitally. You can search for a nearby e-scooter or bike, check the price and enter the destination. Unlock a QR code with your smartphone and once you reach your destination, simply unlock the bike and end your ride.

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Features of an E-scooter App

Features of an E-scooter App

Registration/Login: This is where your users will land when they open your app. Make sure that you keep the required information to a minimum and make it a swift process to register for your app.

Payment Method: Make it diverse as people like it when they get enough options to make payments. As there will be no driver panel, it has to be online. Select some reliable and trusted payment gateways.

Find your Ride: This will be the home page of your e-scooter sharing app. If you wish to offer both e-scooters and bikes, you have to develop two separate tabs at the bottom of your screen. Ask your e-scooter app development company to integrate a GPS system to ensure accurate location of vehicles.

Navigate: As mentioned above, your app must be integrated with real-time GPS navigation to locate vehicles and navigate routes and parking areas. Make sure that users can view traffic updates and estimated time of arrival to reach their destination.

Reviews & Ratings: Getting users feedback will be of immense value to you as you can provide constant updates to the app based on changing market trends and consumer behaviors.

Push Notifications: Keep your users updated with any new offer or scheme or value-added services that you want to launch for them. You can also include updates like payment deduction after a trip and other promotional content for your app.

Coupons & Cashbacks: This feature will keep your app in demand as people always prefer some discounts and cashbacks if they are using a service constantly.

These were just some user-based features that we discussed but as this will be a web-based app, ask your taxi app development company to add some elementary admin panel features that will offer you full control over your e-scooter app.

Admin Panel Features

  • Web Link & Login
  • Customer Management
  • Station Management
  • Vehicle management
  • Monitor Damaged Vehicles
  • Ride Management
  • Payment Management
  • Revenue Data Analysis

Choose a Trusted App development Agency

You can Google some top-rated taxi app development companies and choose the best. Consider an affordable, reliable, and innovative company that has proven excellence in developing rental car apps and it will be more appropriate if it has delivered any e-scooter app. Ask them to use the best advanced technical stack to get a scalable and bug-free e-scooter app.

Identifying an opportunity at the right time gives you a great start. So, you just need to start working on this concept and prepare a detailed project requirement list that will help the development agency to bring your dreams to reality with unmatched excellence and expertise.

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