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Taxi App

Transmute Your Conventional Taxi Business
into Full-fledged Taxi App Solution?

To survive in this fast-paced competitive business environment, you need to develop an innovative software solution for your taxi business. It’s something like you can’t win a battle with a sword in this nuclear age. Hence, you must get a fluid taxi app that caters to rising demands of passengers who hardly have time to wait for anything.

Our Taxi app development company has unmatched expertise in delivering some Uber-like taxi apps that are developed at affordable rates and offering the same features and functionalities as Uber does, in fact, with added flavor. Tangoride, Yandex, Get Taxi, Careem, and FoneTaxi are some exceptional taxi apps that we have delivered successfully to our different clients putting in our whole experience and expertise to deliver value added features to access cabs with utter comfort. Our agile app development process is backed by top-notch trending technologies that makes your taxi app a fluid performer on the app stores.

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Advantages of Having a Taxi App

Don’t have an app for your taxi business, you are conning Yourself!

You must have noticed that people across the globe want much flexible taxi services to meet their hectic schedules and be ahead of others. Moreover, this is an era of digitalization and customization where everyone has a focus on comfort and convenience. People are willing to spend money for innovative ideas that cater to their fast-paced lifestyles. The only thing is, you must plan your concept adding your forte in it so that they may find something different from others. People welcome innovative ideas and concepts open-handedly and you must tap into it with right resources. We have learnt a lot from our Uber-like taxi app development experience and you can leverage this potential to get the best advanced digital solution to offer new heights to your taxi business.

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Offering a Destination to Your Expectations

A taxi app development company must focus on current market trends and analyze the factors that can make their Taxi app development; a great success. We perfectly anticipate the required features and functionalities of a fluid taxi app along with creative UI/UX aspects. Most of clients have appreciated our hard work and intuitiveness on the kind of research that we performed before developing their taxi apps. Customizing an app without affecting its quality at affordable rates is something that attracts business owners to us. Whether it’s providing crucial updates to an existing app or launching a fresh one from scratch, we thoroughly indulge in best app development practices to help you get the desired solution for your taxi app development project. Developing an Uber-like app experience with personalization is what our developers excel at. Our team just follows its passion with unmatched dedication and diligence and what you expect out of us automatically starts coming out in form of great UIs and exciting features. This is what we deliver while developing an Uber-like taxi app:

  • Extensive Project-based Research

  • Mobile ap for passenger

  • Web Admin Panel for Owner

  • Mobile app for drivers

  • Innovative Features

  • Exceptional UI/UX

Features Of Uber Like App

The Uber-like app will consist of the following features:

No Additional


Social Media


Auto Payment
Feature And Status

Easy Website

Easy Fare

Tracing Features On
Real Time Basis

Auto Dispatch
Of Taxi

of GPS

Automatic Route

Strong Analytics


What will be the total development cost to get a taxi app like Uber?

Well, we have delivered some exceptional taxi apps and some among them are exactly a clone of Uber (as demanded by the client), and the total development cost for the entire project was USD 65000 for a native app for a single platform (Either Android or iOS). However, developing an Uber-like taxi app for both platforms will cost you somewhere between YSD 100000 to USD 110000.

Can you deliver an Uber-like app for a limited budget?

We just don’t believe in deceiving our clients in any way and to be very true, it will be impossible for us to deliver an Uber-like app for a limited budget. In fact, we will make out best attempt to scale-up the features and functionalities as per your budget and deliver an app that will much similar like Uber with some uniqueness in its UI/UX aspects and features.

Can you Deliver a web-based app for my Taxi business and in what budget?

Yes of course, we can deliver a web-based taxi app that will be much similar like Uber in appearance and performance. We use the best advanced tech stacks for all formats of app development and test them thoroughly to avoid any further disappointments. Developing a web-based app like Uber will cot you somewhere between USD 55000 to USD 60000.

What do I need to have to get a solution from your taxi app development company?

A laptop with internet connection and a smartphone. We have a full-fledged tech stack with all advanced software and tools that are based on top-notch technologies. No extra hardware requirement, or any other equipment. Just a great idea and a list of project requirement.

How much will it take you to deliver a taxi app?

Tricky question to answer! There are certain unique requirements by the clients that w have to focus and this adds to the complexity of the project. Moreover, number of features also matters a lot. Still, we can deliver you a robust and bug-free taxi app in 4 to 5 months if it’s developing from scratch. If you have a wireframe ready, it may take less than 4 months.

What other support do you offer besides app development?

We believe in maintaining professional relationships to retain our clients, hence, once you get an app developed by us, we will become your technical partner. We will help you with robust post-launch technical support and with all updates and changes that you ever want to make in your app to enhance its sustainability. We have a dedicated ASO and SMO team to help your app gain top ranking on app stores.

What makes you different from others?

Passion! Passion that leaves behind everything else and keeps us motivated to achieve better than the best on each project delivery. These are some other factors that has helped Fluper evolve as the best taxi app development company in US, UK, UAE, India, and Australia.

Experience: Something that helps us anticipate client business requirements and deliver solutions accordingly.

Strategy: Our approach towards app development process is deep-rooted and involves innovative ideas to achieve targets.

Agile App Development: Our entire development process follows the best industry trends and keeps the project absolutely transparent with clients.

Marketing: Our skilled and expert professionals are masters of their respective field. From designing to development, and from testing to quality analysis, we offer sheer perfection that keeps our clients contented.

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