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Banggood.com, a growing name in the e-commerce market has shown that the size of any corporation does not determine its success. It’s the hard work and perseverance of a businessman which drives any company to success provided the idea behind the business is just as decent as was the case with Banggood.com.

It is a China-based company which was founded in 2006 by Xin Zou. Today, Banggood specializes in providing B2B and B2C services for more than 400,000 products on various categories ranging from electronics to fashion and beauty products.

In this blog, we will discuss company’s working model, its app features, and factors that Mobile App Developers consider before quoting any client seeking mobile app development requirement.

Statistics about Banggood

iconIt was founded in 2006 in China

iconThe Google Play store App has more than 10 Million Installs

iconThis app allows 400,000 products to be searched easily

iconThe website has an Alexa rank of 509 worldwide

iconThe company has a net worth of 15 Million USD as per sources

iconBefore we go ahead, let’s discuss what services it offers which has led us to discuss about Banggood.com.

Banggood Provides the Following Services

Affiliates Program

It allows you to become an affiliate partner of the company and get money in the return provided the affiliate link is used to buy an article on it.

Dropship program

It enables retailers like Banggood to allow further partners of it who are manufacturers to sell items directly to the company’s customer. It is considered beneficial for suppliers.


With this, you can buy products from a supplier or manufacturer in bulk and then resell them. It is also available on Banggood as you can sell your items on Banggood being a wholesale partner.

BGpay payment

Users can directly deposit amount in Banggood wallet. The money could then be used for future purposes along with reward points on every refund.

Working Model of Banggood

The company finds the base in China where its founder started off by selling items on eBay. Soon the company, with lots of efforts started delivering products in a wide range of items ranging for electronics, beauty, and what not. Now, the company is a reputed seller on eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress and many more third-party platforms.

Banggood allows users to become partners and buy products directly from suppliers and then resell it on its platform. Or it allows users to purchase from it in bulk and then resell on their online or offline platforms.

Features to Include in an App like Banggood

Large Category

Banggood contains more than 400,000 items listed on its platform over multiple categories. This does not mean you have to bombard your mobile application with so many partner products. It is better to start off slow and build a few retail clients. You can drop ship and do wholesale reselling as well.

Great User Experience

The mobile application should be interactive and should have a simple yet attractive design features. Adding more components and keeping it simple to use is hard for a developer, hence you may ask a mobile app developing company for the design process.

Add Filters

Adding filters can help your customers to sort the prices and products as per their requirement. Moreover, it makes their search for their desired products easy.

Return policy

Banggood has a 14-day return policy which means that you can return the product within this time. But since it is based in China so it takes at least this much time. If you want to target your mobile app business in a specific location, then the return should be faster and convenient.

Cash on Delivery

For a start-up, I would recommend you to employ either COD or provide lucrative offers for your company. You can also ask your Mobile App Development Company to provide both options as per your business requirement.

Secure payment

Use various secure payment modes to pay for your order. Many secure payment methods are available on various websites. Just use their partnership to allow your customers to take advantage of secure payment.

Cheap Price:

Cheap price drives customers to your business this is what Banggood and so many companies have done. The E-commerce company is ranked 500 in the world in terms of traffic, the reason being its cheap price and availability of a wide range of products.

Multi-modes of payment

Multi-modes of payment allows a user to pay via credit cards, Debit cards, Net Banking and Cash on Delivery. You can also add payment via PayPal and other companies to make the international customers make payment easily.

Push Notifications

Push Notification keeps a user updated with the latest updates and offers your application has to offer to users. A discount voucher on referrals is a great idea to increase your mobile application user base.

 Social Media login

Allows a user to login via his social media accounts. It helps to increase user retention for your mobile application as most of the users tend to leave your platform as they are not willing to create a separate account for your application.

                                        Ratings and Reviews

Ratings show an application’s performance. Once you have provided services to them, it’s their ratings which determine the success of your app. For this create a user-friendly app with more discount vouchers and updates.


Analytics help a business keep track of all the user behavior as well as data captured which can be used for marketing programs. The main aim of any business is to become profitable. Take help of tools or a mobile app developer like us.

Factors Affecting the Cost of App Development

 Number of Features and Their Complexity

The more features you add to your mobile application, the more will be the cost accrued. Adding complex features like Security and payment features, in-app purchases, Database feature will cost more than some other features.

 Platforms for Launch (Android or iOS)

Some of you may prefer Apple for choosing the platform as it helps in generating more revenue for the developers. On the other hand, Google play store as more users and hence has a larger reach.

So what would you do? I would suggest you go with React or Native platform as it helps in providing both the platform apps with ease. Fluper being a top mobile app developer also provides native and React platform development as it is increasingly popular now.

 Brand Value of the Company

It is advisable to check your mobile app developer’s previous clients, success rate, prototypes, ratings, brand value, and user engagement. If your client fulfills all these criteria’s then just go ahead with them.

For this read reviews about your future developer’s past projects. Monitor the success of their application as it helps you find out their previous work achievements.

 Ongoing Costs   

The app developers will provide you with hosting, and continuous maintenance for your mobile app requirement. However, you can ask your mobile app developer to provide app support just like us, for a certain period of time.

 Price/Hour Or Payment Milestones

The price per hour is important as it is the price which you have to pay to a company for their development and design work. You may also reach an agreement for a one-time payment or payment milestones. Generally, payment milestones are considered safe and rewarding for businesses.

                                            About Fluper

Established in the year 2013, Fluper has been a leading brand in the field of mobile and web app development. Our extensive knowledge in this field has helped us develop more than 300 business requirements in the form of applications. We take great pride in being an IBM and NASSCOM certified partner apart from being a Platinum Google App Developer Company. Fluper has also been ranked as a Top Rated Mobile App Development Company by platforms like AppFutura, GoodFirms, and Trustpilot for the past 3 years. 

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icon5 percent penalty pay on delay delivery

iconYou will also get 9 Months of Free App Promotions

iconGet up to 2.5 Years Complete App Support

icon24/7 live support and Testing

If you are looking for a reliable and one of the best mobile app development companies, then why wait? Contact Fluper and get a free quote for your requirement form our sales team.


Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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