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Are you looking for some reliable mobile app development companies in UK for your next app development project?

Well, this blog is dedicated to all the entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups in the UK who are finding it difficult to shortlist mobile app developers for their projects. So without further ado, let’s jump straight in!

Now, before we provide you the list of top mobile app developers in the UK, it is essential to have a look at some of the parameters we have considered for short listing them.

Parameters to Shortlist a Mobile App Development Company in UK

mobile app development company

iconBrand Image

The brand image of a mobile app development company helps you to know just how good a company presents itself and how good it is in actuality. For this, you can read reviews on platforms like Glassdoor, GoodFirms, Clutch, and Trustpilot, which are no doubt very reliable companies.


Client Reviews

The client reviews are very important and are a must to be considered as it shows you the satisfaction level of a client from any company providing mobile app development services. For this, ask a company to provide the contact information of some of its previous clients so that you can interact with them.



A company’s portfolio can tell you so many things about a company. It helps you to know which clients; a mobile app development company has worked with. Moreover, you can know apps developed, successful projects completed, revenue generated by it and of course app’s ratings on app stores.


Company size

The size of a company tells you a lot about the projects it could deliver, and largely the time in which it will deliver a project. A company with a considerably lesser number of employees like 50-60 could be a good affordable choice but surely not the most sought after for early deployment of the app.


Price per Hour

The price per hour of a project tells you how affordable a company is. But remember, not necessarily a company that charges lesser can give you your desired solution. This is where you need to consider all other factors mentioned here.


Awards and Recognitions

There is no better way to measure the stature of a company other than looking at the number and scale of awards and recognition a company has garnered in a specific amount of time.

It is about time that we go ahead with our list of top Rated mobile app development companies based on the above key metrics.

app for your business

Let’s begin now!

Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies in the UK

mobile app development companies


From being a startup in 2013 to becoming the top mobile app developer in the UK, USA, and UAE, we feel we have largely met the expectations of clients. Have a look at some more insights into our work and achievements.

iconMore than 300 apps developed by more than 250+ developers

iconGoogle certified Platinum Mobile App Developer

icon5 Million User engagement and revenue raised is 5Million+ USD.

iconPrice per hour: 25-50 USD.

iconServices: Android, iOS native mobile app development, Blockchain, IoT, VR, AR, Game Development, cross-platform development.

iconNotable clients: Deliveroo, Grab, Oracle, Banggood.com, etc

iconAwards: Top Mobile App Developer on Clutch, GoodFirms, and Trustpilot, AppFutura, etc.

Don’t you think we are a Top Rated Mobile App Development Company in the UK! Well, we leave this on you and move further with our list of reliable mobile app developers in the UK.

Groovy Web:

Groovy Web is highly recommended for building cutting-edge digital solutions like
Web, Mobile App, SaaS, MVP, MERN, Bots, and Browser Extensions to help
businesses ranging from Startups, Mid-Size, to Enterprises digitize their ideas in
time and in budget.

iconIt is based in the UK and operates in the USA, Australia and Germany as

iconTheir team size consists of 50-100 designers and developers.

iconKey services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, MERN Stack
Development, MEAN Stack Development, SaaS Development, MVP
Development, Desktop App Development, Browser Extension
Development, Bot Development

iconPrice per hour: $25 – $49/hr depending on development

Notable Clients: ePhone Booking, MyDiabetes Connect, FilesDNA, Discreet
Lobby, Fan Rating Football Fantasy App


Fueled started its operations in 2008 and is now a highly ranked mobile app development and Mobile App  Design Company in UK. The company is known to provide a wide range of services in the design and development of mobile apps with its agile app development methodology. Some insights about Fueled are jotted below.

iconIt is based in the UK and operates in the USA as well.

iconThe company has featured apps on play stores.

iconKey services: Enterprise app development

iconPrice per hour: 150-199 USD.

iconNotable Clients: Crunch base, Verizon, Harvard, Harvard, Summit Series


The company started its operations in 2011 and since then has worked on various projects. Whether you are looking for mobile app solutions or solutions for Apple TV and Tablets, they are able to provide high-quality cross-platform solutions. Have a look at some insights about it.

iconTheir team size consists of 10-49 designs and developers.

iconThe company has an undisclosed price per hour.

iconAs per our research, Appitized has good native iOS and Android app development service.

iconAwards: Leading form as per website IT firms


The company started its operations in 2009 and has offices in the UK, Germany, the US, and Poland. They lay emphasis on solving a problem rather than building mobile apps. Have a look at some insights about it.

iconThe company has a small size of 11-50 in size

iconIts price per hour ranges from 50-100 USD per hour.

iconThe company is one of the leading iOS Application Development Company in the UK.

iconServices: UI/UX design, Web development, React, Native app development, etc.

iconNotable clients: Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), Newsweek, Gigaset, etc.

iconThe price per hour ranges from 50-100 USD per hour.


Taptitude since its inception in 2013 has been a leading mobile application development company in the UK. The company is specialized in making apps for startups at an affordable price. Some of its insights include:

iconTaptitude has a team of 10-49 mobile app designers and developers.

iconIts services include Product and its strategy, UI/UX design, iOS and Android app development, App marketing, and testing.

iconIts price per hour ranges from 25-50 USD.

iconSome of its key clients include Imobiliare and Hudly.


Waracle has been a leading cutting edge mobile app developer since 2004 and has helped many businesses reach higher levels of growth with its seamless apps. Have a look at some insights about it below.

iconIt has a team of 100-249 employees.

iconIt has its offices in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and London.

iconIts price per hour ranges from 100-150 USD.

iconSome of its key clients include Royal London, RBS, Scottish power, etc.

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Juego Studio

Juego Studio has been a leading Top Rated Mobile App Development Company since its inception in 2011. The company provides services on all leading technologies like IoT, Big Data, for iOS, Android and web development projects. Some of the key insights about it are as under:

iconThe company has a team of 100-250 dedicated professionals.

iconIts design services are top notch with expertise on Unity 3D, Cocos2d-x and Unreal.

iconIts price per hour is 25USD.

iconSome of its key clients are Puma, Coco-Cola, Disney, Johnson, and Johnson.


Intellectsoft was founded in 2007 and has offices in London and New York to list a few. The company has expertise in building mobile apps for a wide range of industries. Have a look at some of its key insights below.

iconThe employee size of the company is from 100-250 professionals.

iconThe company works on an agile approach and has a reasonable repo in the industry.

iconIts price per hour ranges from 50-100 USD.

iconSome of its key clients include Harley Davidson, Universal Pictures, and Audi, etc.


‘Eleks’ has been in the industry for more than 2 decades and has partnered with leading enterprises and fortune 500 companies. Have a look at some of their key insights by the points below.

iconThe company started operating from the year 1991 and has offices in UK, USA, and Ukraine.

iconIt is known for delivering projects in considerably lesser time compared to other mobile app development companies due to its team size of 1100+ professionals.

iconTheir services include QA, R&D, UX consulting, Software engineering.

iconIts price per hour is more than 50 USD.

iconSome of its key clients include Aramex, Eagle, Russman, etc.


So here was our list of top 10 companies that are being perceived well among clients and industry leaders. Though the number can vary from person to person we tried to incorporate as many important points as we could.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above list of companies will help you to take a well-concerted decision for your app development needs. In case you have any query or need any consultation, you can always rely on us.

Let Fluper now about your app development requirement and we will make sure that we help you in the best possible ways.

Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey, Director of Sales at Fluper, is a leader in technology sales with a decade of experience. Known for her strategic approach, she excels in driving business growth and forging strong client relationships. Akansha's expertise lies in consultative selling, team leadership, and exceeding revenue targets. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys sharing insights with aspiring sales professionals.

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