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The App development industry is escalating as the new development trends are emerging every year. Both the increase in the development of the app and changing trends are because of the increase in the number of smartphone manufacturing and its users.

Users always crave for something unique that the other apps do not provide. This increases the responsibility of the mobile app development companies to achieve user goals and increase the revenue generation process.

So, are we following the right development trends? Let’s have a look at the current mobile development trends for 2020.

Mobile App Development Country in France


With connecting sensors, devices, machines, vehicles, it has created an impact on the world.

iconSmart home automation

iconEnergy consumption monitoring

iconDigital signage

iconRemote patient health management

iconTraffic monitoring and more.

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AI and ML

Inclusion of AI in apps lets you Streamline operations, reduce costs, increase performance, boost productivity, and more.



iconImage recognition

iconData Analytics




A decentralized digitalized data record that grants safe information storage and enables secure transactions without 3rd parties.



iconSelf-executing contracts


Big Data

A huge data set that is allowed to capture, store, analyze, and visualize and transform into valuable information.

iconDeep insights

iconPredictive analysis

iconRisk management



Representing the merging of real and virtual worlds forming immersive environments with physical or digital objects interacting in real-time.

iconSimulation-based learning

iconRemote working


These are some of the top mobile app development trends that you should consider before developing an app. The app development approach should be CI+CD enabled. Continuous integration+ continuous deployment saves time and lets you find bugs & errors at initial stages for early fixation.

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