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While the previous decade demonstrated the prowess of the Internet to blur the physical boundaries to penetrate business operations through e-Commerce channels, this decade has presented, and will continue to evince, the impressive scope of mobile app-based businesses.

Now that we are almost at the end of this decade, extant businesses across the world and even the new entrants, are looking at the technology to pave the way ahead. And they are not yet ready to call it a decade; not without taking digital businesses to new heights. In recent times, a customer-centric approach fosters the leap of mobile-app based businesses and technology complement the business model.

Below are the 10 most profound mobile app trends that will become mainstream in 2020:

Internet of Things – A One-tap Solution to Access Multiple Devices

Just when developers announced the advent of the IoT technology, mobile app developers began dedicating efforts to devise practical solutions. And here in 2019, Statista says that by the end of this year, there will be ~26 Bn connected devices, which will further soar at an unprecedented rate to arrive at ~ 75 Bn threshold.

Currently in the range of IoT, fitbits and voice assistants are making inroads at an accelerated pace; however, in the future, frontiers will extend to industries, with the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution. That being said, IoT-based mobile apps will imply convenience for consumers and automation for industries.

Crucial Features of IoT:

iconHandle multiple devices simultaneously

iconMonitor processes and take actions

iconGenerate reports

Blockchain – A Decentralised Approach to Serve Consumers Transparently

With the onset of Bitcoin, technologists analyzed that Blockchain is more than just a Cryptocurrency. Research and studies have even exhibited its future scope for security purposes; however, the most crucial out of it is data security.

Cybercrime is growing in parallel to digital businesses, and the high-end security approach taken by the blockchain technology to move only the authorized person to the next node, will remain integral in the coming 100% data-reliant mobile-based business age.

What Can You Achieve Through Blockchain Technology:

iconReduced complexity

iconSecure transactions

iconBetter transparency

AI and ML – A Smarter Way to Know your Consumers

Gone are the days, when sales person asked two simple questions to gauge the shopper’s choice. Currently, as the e-Commerce space advances both – horizontally and vertically – chatbots are assisting mobile app-oriented businesses in serving their customers better by understanding the preferences of consumers.

Besides consumers, chatbots are deemed as effective marketing tools to complement the business adage of ‘Attract, Convert, Close, Delight’. In addition, as businesses are doing away with PIN and passcode-based security, motion and facial detection apps will remain at the forefront to leverage the competency of chatbots.

Process of AI and ML:

iconTracks consumers’ search engine

iconAnalyzes previous searches

iconForms a persona

Wearable Devices – Adding Value to AI and IoT Technology

While remainders through smartwatches were just the beginning of the boom of wearable devices, it’s possible application for security and medical purposes unlocked new avenues for digital businesses.

Today, the gravity of wearables has been well comprehended by doctors and health-aspirant consumers. Moreover, a constant monitoring on bodily functions has achieved a new meaning, away from hospitals with multiple beeping machines and a phenyl smell, at the comfort of home.

Features of Wearable Devices:

iconReal-time updates

iconGoal tracking and monitoring

iconRemote access to connected devices

Chatbots – An Artificial Human without ‘Err’

As mentioned above, as virtuality becomes a reality, consumers need a face or a tinge of human touch to trust in digital businesses. And chatbots can go the extra mile by serving your customers 24*7*365 with a consistent efficiency.

Chatbots holds the key to effective communication and the moment your customers show displeasure doing business with you, these bots can function as an excellent support assistant and help in regaining the lost confidence of consumers.

Role of Chatbots:

iconSupport Assistant


iconAfter-sales Manager

On-demand Apps – A one-stop Solution to a Sustainable Business Model

Despite a decade-long journey of Uber, businessmen still can’t get the well-thought business model away from their minds. It began with on-demand taxi-hailing solution and gradually widened its way to take numerous industries by the storm with the ideology of ‘customer is king’ reflecting at every aspect of business.

Currently, it is making a profound impact and is poised to revolutionize the e-Commerce ecosystem with last-mile delivery solutions; yet again to attribute a seamless digital experience to customers.

Key Industries To Venture:

iconTransportation and logistics

iconFood and beverages


iconHealth & beauty services

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AR & VR – Helping Consumers Get a Real Picture of your Service

It began with gaming applications and currently, it shows no signs of slowing down while making its way down to other industries. AR and VR technology is fast-replacing the conventional business approach to achieve bigger and better results.

Education, no longer confined within the walls of schools, gets new and a practical meaning with AR mobile apps. To add to that, measurement of objects with just a movement of a smartphone is aiding e-Commerce portals to offer a virtual-real experience to consumers regarding the products. The trend will, however, make it big in the interior designing industry.

 Why Choose AR and VR Technology:

iconIncreases customer engagement

iconEnhances digital shopping experience

iconBridges digital and in-store experiences together

Beacon Technology – Making Hyperlocal Targeting Bigger and Better

The success rate of your online-physical business is only when you get sales closed through your brick and mortar store. Despite ample campaigning efforts dedicated towards targeting customers, there is no surefire means to gauge an accurate number of conversions. That is where the beacon technology comes into play for out-of-store marketing of your digital business.

Initially used to enhance offline attribution, the technology has enormous potential to drive hyperlocal sales. With quality transmitters and receptive devices, push notifications can be sent to smart devices of consumers to penetrate information regarding deals and discounts. When combined with AI, the technology will drive consumers deeper into the sales funnel.

Beacon Technology Offerings:

iconAI chips

iconMachine learning

iconCustomer identification

Mobile Wallets – A Zipper to Tedious Payments

With the advent of e-Commerce, there began a quest for value addition to the business model, which was sufficed with mobile wallets. Digital wallet solutions have been bearing the brunt of complexity at the backend side to offer a one-tap payment module to customers.

However, not every developer gets the wallet right in the place. A diligent approach will be to offer as many payment options as possible for customers, without a tad compromising on security. In 2020, digital payments will take over cash payments and ease of transaction will play a pivotal role. 

Why Integrate Digital Wallet Solutions?

iconConvenience of use

iconFuels impulsive buying behavior of consumers

iconInitiates quick refunds

M-commerce – A Year-round ‘Open’ Board for your Business

The concept of digital businesses simply narrows down to ‘anytime, anywhere access’ and M-commerce has been engendered on the very grounds of this vision. Even while accessing a website for shopping, consumers had to make several checks of free time, laptop, Internet connection, etc.

However, M-commerce has changed it for once and for all. Instant app notification on new arrivals and trends create a FOMO among millennial, ease to tracking delivery helps consumers schedule their day better, and a data piled up to understand their preferences helps businessmen to have better shots at cross-selling and up-selling.

M-Commerce for a Sustainable e-Business:

iconBetter sales closure

iconHigh retention rate

iconInstant support

What Trend are you Waiting for to Dive into the Digital Business?

While 2019 saw some of these mobile app trends, 2020 will be THE year of technological advancements. Though independent technologies, the best of a digital business will be a combination of different trends. That is when, one trend can safeguard consumer experience when another trend begins to become obsolete.

However, playing with multiple technologies at the same time is a labyrinth of a development task, which can be catered well by a superhero disguised as an app developer.

Shahid Mansuri

ShahidMansuri Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading mobile app development company USA, in 2011 which provides Blockchain app development services. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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