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All successful entrepreneurs have an ideology that they always chase. Because this ideology will enable to give the clearest picture. It is the starting point which can be considered as a seed, if planted, watered, nurtured and cultivated properly then only you would find a wonderful chance to grow further.

In my last blog where we discussed path-breaking apps for startup which can relatively take care of the communication, finance and accounting very effectively. But it does not ensure 100% success because there are various other domains which are as equivalent i.e. handling of payments as well as time management. Although there are innumerable mobile apps which can set your company to get into a successful motion. But it must be effective enough to understand circumstances and get the touch of specialists when required. Top mobile application development companies are taking care of all the needs of the startups in order to maintain long-run survival. Here are 3 apps in a particular that are as effective to open the door to success.

Handling Payments

Now that you have started a company backed by a sound strategy with the help of comprehensive market research. You must be trained enough to confront challenges. Generally there are various compensation programs that can affect the income statement in a very different manner. There are short-term cash flow that strengthens the company’s position. But this is somewhat more convenient if you can take the help of mobile apps which guaranty accuracy.


Since revenue, earnings and active customer accounts all expected to be double digit growth in the coming years of a startup company, then PayPal can be boon to grow further. PayPal which is entrusted over 200 countries and accept over 25 currencies. It ensures business to be protected by seller protection, fraud-screening and advanced security. It’s quite convenient to sign up PayPal and even start getting paid with easy website setup and direct payments through email.


It ensures 3 simple procedures to be paid. By just using customised solution and popular ecommerce platforms PayPal can be accepted by website, enables simplified payment requests as well as Email customisable online invoices and can be paid directly without website which attract customers all around the world on popular marketplaces like Etsy, eBay etc. The most important part is that fees are quite straightforward which ensure to be paid only when you are through with the payment from your clients.


Expensify which is considered to be the intelligent automation that can effectively manages the expenses in real-time. This is something very convenient for the startups since there are various other essential things to do.  It enables time consuming reporting task to be accomplished in a very convenient manner. With its feature of generating automatic report expense and submission, authenticated analysis of company policies in order to look for manager’s review, machine-driven reimbursement by delivering the money back to the employee’s back account the next day and exchanges if made in the accounting system that can easily be synced with Expensify without any delay.


An app which gives everything to take payment and run a successful startup. It accepts credit as well as debit cards with a Square magstripe and can be accessed with EMV chip cards. With new Square Contactless and chip reader which can be accessed with Android Pay.


It is effective enough to keep track on sales and inventory in real time.  Its helps in analytics as well as can manage items and employees. It does not look for any long-term contracts, no hidden costs and no act of binding. There are features which really makes it distinguishable like recording of cash, gift cards, sending and tracking of invoices from the entrepreneur’s devices, customization of product with names, photos and prices etc. since it enables to live view of sales data, it can be quite fruitful for startups to success.

Time management

Many startups seemed to be propelled by exhilaration over the new enterprise. Startup founders committed to every conscious moment. Although pure passion can cause to move forward entrepreneurs 24/7 but this is a matter of fact that even the most pledged startup needs to learn and negotiate their time.

Although burnout is considered to be the poor time management, but there are few mobile apps which are quite essential to manage the entrepreneur’s time effectively:


Clear has been the most colourful, bold and innovative approach which helps to keep on top of the task. With the simplified gestures, rearranged and tick off to-do’s which can create separate lists. It helps the startup founders that allot the working duties so that it does not jumbled up.

Its Apple and Mac versions which synchronises really very well. The most appealing factor is its ability to quickly swipe the list in the real time it accomplishes the task. It comes up with the “sound packs” for more personalisation which is although optional. With its gesture-based task-management app that helps the startups to manage the task efficaciously.


It gives another perspective to work in a variety of ways. Although each perspective is designed otherwise from planning, checking on the upcoming day etc. It helps with the best way to review by staying on top of the goals and projects. It customizes intervals, shortcuts and various other attributes which really makes it distinguishable. Through its accessibility in project views which enables filter actions and sieves out the context views.


It can manage all top priorities of the day without even opening OmniFocus. Since it is quite flexible to be used, hence it looks for brighter scope for startup founders.


It offers the perfect work-life balance. The chances are quite often to get diverted with so distractions and possibilities. It realises the importance of daily habits in order to be more productive. It ensures to run securely on the mobile device, and helps in tracking of time spent by the entrepreneur in order to get the clear picture which is further manifested by data based report of entrepreneur’s activity. It sets alerts, block distracting websites, log highlights, time spent on email, meetings as well as time management whenever the entrepreneur’s look for. Since it enhances the productivity, hence it can prove to be a desirable state for startups.


Although the possibility of success especially for startupsis quite depressing, but the functioning of these apps can proved to be quite optimistic to modulate its steps with the established enterprises

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