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Fluper: Bringing The Scalability To Business During Covid-19  

Which happens in our brains nowadays? It also has to do with the corona pandemic epidemic. It started in China and spread throughout the world, and people are terrified of this odd disease. Yet we all know positivity and negativity are still present in any problem. 

It’s the same with COVID-19, too. Use social media for fun; people used to sit at home and spend time with their family; some people even improve their talents. 

It’s the same for everybody, do you think? No, not. It affects many industries someplace. Industries create various kinds of stuff that everyone uses in day-to-day life. There are few industries in operation, but the companies ‘ economic growth is gaining ground.


Impact of COVID-19 on Mobile Application Industry

Because of COVID-19, many industries shut down their companies. There was a significant decline to the automotive sectors, the construction industries, the real estate businesses, tourism, the apparel industry, and the e-commerce industries. Do you think the same happens in the IT industry? No, not every area of IT does fail. Android app development companies such as Fluper are working at a high pace. Recent statistics state that during this lockdown, nearly billions of mobile users use different mobile apps. Some of the users downloaded e-learning software and apps online.


Major Apps that are being used during COVID19

Social Media and Entertainment App

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp became a part of everybody’s life during this pandemic period. We spend the majority of the time on social media, even on normal days. The latest study states that there was the highest number of downloads on social media and entertainment applications compared to other domain applications. 

From children to the elderly, they used to watch funny videos, cooking videos, inspiring stories, quotes, videos, memes, ideas through social media, and entertainment apps. Owing to lockdown, people spend a lot of time with their families, but the total family entertains through social media.

Ecommerce App

E-commerce apps like grocery apps and online shopping apps also got a tremendous amount of download. Nowadays, most people buy through applications, foods, snacks, vegetables, and other grocery stuff. During this lockdown, the government introduced some of the applications for e-commerce to address citizens’ needs.


Healthcare App

During this lockdown, one of the most downloaded apps is a health-care application. In this pandemic situation, it is tough to meet a doctor directly, but you can get a suggestion from a doctor online. One can quickly get an appointment, doctor’s suggestion online. Medicines and medical kits for households can be purchased via an online app.

Travel and Booking App

We are in a time of social remoteness and lockdown. The government has ordered that not even within the city roam anywhere. It brings a travel agency a significant loss. Every travel industry has been shut off from the cab booking application to the flight booking application. While the covid19 impact creates a massive loss for the travel industry right now, it will provide a highly rated improvement after the Covid-19 issue has ended. After the lockout, people have to return to their jobs, maybe to college or work or even to industry. At that time, the travel and booking industries will be significantly refined.

Educational App

An E-learning App is one more app that goes to its peak. The government had declared it would not conduct exams for any of the colleges. Some students enjoyed their holidays, but some students enjoyed studying, somewhere involved in learning new things, some enjoyed learning more about patterns and innovations, students learn to document interviews to the full of the final and pre-final year. But with these E-learning applications, they can understand.

Food Delivery App

During this lockdown, the count of food delivery apps also increases. Given that the government has announced that it will not open hotels to stop the spread, people should maintain social distance and not leave their homes. So now, it’s a significant drop in the food industry, and the download rate for food delivery applications is lowering. But after the lockdown, she’ll find its peak. People will never forget the taste of the food that hotels make, and after the lockdown, they will find a way to go to hotels.

Video Streaming App

Ironically, the video program is another feature that has received the top rating in the Google Play store. Due to today and night boredom, people used to download apps such as YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. These are the video-sharing entertainment software that received the most downloads during this lockout. 

Besides these significant applications, business people also download a mobile conference application called Zoom, which is a widely used application for video conferencing. Many institutions have also used zoom for teaching purposes such as Skype, which is a face-time application used for client meetings by the business industries.


The IT sector is not ending. The iOS game development agency was facing a massive loss from other IT industries during this pandemic situation. But once the lockdown is complete, there’s a high scope for the growth of mobile app companies. Given that most business people will understand the scope of the mobile app.

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