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World Health Day 2024: Fluper & Decathlon Unites for Refreshing Zumba Sessions

Fluper Decathalon

Noida, India

April 8, 2024


In an exhilarating collaboration, Fluper, the renowned tech solutions provider, and Decathlon, the global sports retail giant, joined hands to ignite the fitness scene with vibrant Zumba sessions. The partnership powered by Phitox aims to promote a healthier lifestyle and work culture, creating an unforgettable experience and inspiration for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

The fusion of Fluper’s innovation prowess with Decathlon’s commitment to promoting active living birthed an unprecedented initiative. Zumba sessions at Fluper, Noida on the 5th of April were infused with tech-savvy enhancements. Participants found themselves immersed in a dynamic blend of rhythm, movement, and cutting-edge technology, making every session a memorable journey toward wellness.

At Fluper, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance every aspect of life, including fitness,” said Anshul Sharma, CEO at Fluper. “Partnering with Decathlon to bring innovation to Zumba sessions was a natural step for us. Together, we aim to redefine the fitness experience, making it not just effective but also immensely enjoyable.

The collaboration didn’t just stop at conducting ordinary Zumba sessions. Fluper and Decathlon Play introduced a range of enhancements to elevate the experience. 

Decathlon has always been committed to making sports accessible to all,” stated by representative at Decathlon. “Teaming up with Fluper to introduce tech-infused Zumba sessions aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we’re not just promoting fitness; we’re creating an experience that inspires and delights.

The impact of the Fluper-Decathlon collaboration reverberated throughout the fitness community, garnering widespread acclaim and enthusiasm. Participants hailed the sessions as transformative, with many expressing excitement at the innovative approach to fitness.

One participant, shared, “I’ve attended many Zumba classes, but nothing compares to the energy and excitement of the Fluper-Decathlon sessions. The fusion of technology with fitness took the experience to a whole new level. It’s not just exercise; it’s an adventure!”

As the partnership between Fluper and Decathlon continues to flourish, the future holds the promise of even more groundbreaking initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the fitness landscape. From virtual reality-enhanced workouts to advanced wearables, the possibilities are endless when tech and sports unite.

Fluper and Decathlon Play had all employees join the exciting Zumba session and make fitness a priority in their lives. The event has been a memorable experience filled with laughter, music, and fitness goals achieved.

For more information about Fluper and upcoming events, visit https://www.fluper.com

About Fluper:

Fluper is a leading technology solutions provider based in Noida, India. With 16+ Years in the industry, the company specializes in mobile app development, web solutions, and cutting-edge technologies to empower businesses worldwide. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Fluper is committed to delivering top-notch solutions that drive success.

About Decathlon:

Decathlon is a global sports and fitness brand that offers a wide range of products and services to promote an active lifestyle. From sports equipment to apparel and fitness classes, Decathlon is dedicated to making sports accessible to everyone and inspiring people to stay active and healthy.

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