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Insta Live: Fluper With Techies

Insta Live Fluper With Techies

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. On one hand, the operations of the major industries are largely disrupted while on the other hand, a handful of other industries like the technology sector are unexpectedly booming like never before.

The sudden rise in the demand of technology in almost every sector is also providing a scope of growth for tech-based influencers. Fluper, one of the world’s leading mobile app development companies is strongly surprised with the unexpected success of the technology sector and has come up with a segment for promoting and celebrating the tech-based influencers.

We at Fluper are providing tech influencers a platform via our Insta Live collaborated sessions with them so that they can share their professional experience with the world and motivate others to stay focused and determined during these harsh times.

With this brilliant move, we are focused on breaking the stereotypes that is currently revolving around the tech-based influencers. We at Fluper are aiming at introducing more and more tech influencers by providing them a competent platform where they can express their viewpoints, past few months’ experiences and what kept them put together amid all the negativity that has been going around this year.

Our first Insta live session with techies was held on 23rd October 2020 and so far we had four sessions. Tech-based influencers like Maxine Mheir, Sparsh Agarwal, Shubham Dutt, Mayank Ingle and Shashank Singh have collaborated with us in our Insta Live sessions.

Techies On Fluper Live

We had our first Insta Live: Fluper with Techies session with Maxine Mheir, a tech blogger. Maxine Mheir being our first guest on this live series spoke about how the Covid-19 pandemic had made people more dependent on technology than earlier. She even spoke about how the current times have been changing and what changes people can expect in the nearing time. Maxine even shared her journey in the technological sector and what kept her motivated to stay stronger and put together during the Covid-19 crisis.

Sparsh Agarwal, our second guest for Insta Live: Fluper with Techies shared with us the novel review process he prefers to use on Techno Rap, his social media page. The inputs he shared seem unique and we had fun listening to him. He even spoke about how Covid-19 has done more good than worse. Sparsh is one of the few tech influencers who have a different and unique perspective with regards to each and every thing.

Our guest for the third Insta Live session was Shubham Dutt. He is one of the leading Reviewers for Amazon.  Shubham enlightened our listeners about the recent updates in the technology sector. He was our very first #UPLive Guest too. It was fun hearing him out and our listeners seemed to have a great time watching him speak over various tech-related matters. He even shared his mantra to stay positive in life and encouraged tech aspirants to have some patience and self belief if they want to excel in the technology sector.

Tech blogger and gadget reviewer Mayank Ingle and Tech sales analyst Shashank Singh were our fourth guests for the Insta Tech Live series. These tech experts discussed and explored the growth of technology and its valuable presence in our day to day lives. The presence of these techies was full of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.

With our amazing platform, we aim to collaborate with tech enthusiasts from all across the country and ensure that our listeners stay well-informed and motivated amid the Covid-19 crisis.

If you are a tech influencer and wish to collaborate with Fluper via our Insta Live sessions then do write to us. For more information visit our website (www.Fluper.com) or Instagram Page (https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGr7eUnJ6vP/).

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