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Fluper bids goodbye to 2020 with #Antivirus campaign

The year of a global pandemic, that is, 2020, was full of struggle and hardships for the whole world. On the contrary, a lot of people tried to cope with it by keeping themselves engaged in different activities. Some simply took some time off their busy schedule and tried mindful activities and spent quality time with family. No one would have imagined that a virus will make all the people stay in their homes. Nonetheless, just like the virus turned the world into a topsy-turvy land, people tried coming up with their own concepts of antivirus to deal with the situation. Fluper, a versatile app development company, came up with an unmatched idea to spread hope, smile, and positivity.

The #antivirus campaign designed to celebrate ‘hope’ was conducted from December 25, 2020, to January 1, 2021. The main concern of the campaign was to recall the good things that happened in 2020 and cherish them. To help Fluper propagate the idea of the #antivirus campaign, several technical influencers stepped in. All of them showered their most motivating and real-life happenings of 2020 that acted as their antivirus. By this campaign, the company tried to send across a sense of belongingness amongst the people. It portrayed that none of us are alone in this.

Yoga, dancing, singing, making videos, learning a new language, anything can act as an antivirus if we determine to come out of the global health crisis together. Having said that, it is almost impossible to deal with such a large-scale issue individually. Hence, Fluper, the app development company, focused on bringing people together and knowing each other’s stories of hope and motivation. Some of the tech influencers talked about getting love & support from their family in whatever they tried doing during the pandemic. Others said that their laptop and other gadgets helped them learn a lot of new things in 2020. Thus, we got to know about a wide range of things that acted as antivirus for them.

It does not matter how the world started, all that matters is how each one of us tried to cope with the troublesome year that 2020 was. The #antivirus campaign was one such great and innovative example of coming together as a community and finding reasons to celebrate hope and look forward to better days. Likewise, Fluper has always come up with the best in everything, be it the task results or annual celebration of achievements. Similarly, the company left no stone unturned to end the year 2020 on a good note with its unparalleled #antivirus campaign. It made people reinstate their faith in good and positive things as various tech influencers came up with their simple yet happy and positive stories of hope and motivation.

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The virus that all of us have been dealing with for the last year is not just an organism but is a symbol of negativity and hardships. While the real virus made everyone stay in, most of the people tried to find their ways to cope with the escalating troubles. Fluper’s #antivirus campaign attempted to act like a detox campaign for people to indulge in good and positive stories around themselves. Just like our body needs fresh and healthy food, our minds also need equal nourishment in terms of good thoughts, a positive environment, and healthy discussions.

So, after ending 2020, the unforgettable year on a good note, Fluper further looks at achieving other benchmarks in the coming year. Although the company hopes to keep itself and its people to stand strong against any difficult situation, it is always ready to come up with ideas of collectively dealing with challenging situations.

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