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Many of us may have a false idea about the capital city of Australia having the names Melbourne and Sydney used often in the news and the city experience of the two by most people who visit the country but its Canberra, the capital of Australia. The fun fact is the Aussies couldn’t decide between Sydney and Melbourne so they had to go with Canberra but there is no doubt about the development platform the business professionals choose for their apps from the top mobile app development companies in Australia. When the mobile apps started to evolve in the country many apps had their names among the top ten apps developed by Aussies but recently the mobile app development for the public had a blossom with apps for the citizen and making their lives easy and convenient with technology.

Let us check out the mobile apps that have been installed by the people in Land of beaches

List of Top 10 Mobile Apps You Cannot Live Without in Australia

1Trip view

2Wikkicamps Australia

3Pocket Casts







Pocket Weather

Detailed About Top 10 Mobile Apps You Cannot Live Without in Australia

1 Trip view 

This application was a result of the problem experienced by a techie in his day to day life while traveling across Sydney and he went ahead and developed an app in Java for his Sony Ericson phone that would tell users the frequency of the train with a time difference between the two trains but with iOS app development providing better frameworks for development gave the developer a chance to port it for iPhone users and do much more with the features for the user while traveling.

iconPlatform: iOS, Android, windows

iconPrice: $3.79-4.29

2 Wikkicamps Australia

The creators of this application just went camping around the bush and realized that there is no data about the countries campsites while on a round trip of the continent they had enough data to give a platform that can provide the information of the campsites. While they were developing such a platform for users, they came across the user-generated database which was quick and easy. Now they have expanded from 2k to 20k sites that provide proper information about the destination and all the amenities available there.

iconPlatforms: iOS, Android, windows

iconPrice: $7.49-$8.59

3 Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is an app that enables the users to listen to their favorite podcast via an application which was first downloaded by the users by connecting a cable with the laptop or desktop to sync the podcasts. Now it has some advanced features like sorting the playlist of the podcast, clearing out the episodes not needed and compatibility across devices.

iconPlatform: iOS, Android, Windows

iconPrice: $3.99- $4.99


This application is a replacement for your credit card which people often forget at home and have to face an awkward situation while paying the bill. The apps let the users flash the screen of their smartphone and pay using the PayPal account. Now the application is doing pretty well and has introduced new features like splitting of the bill and knowing about the places before spending many in it.

iconPlatform: iOS, Android, Windows

iconPrice: Free


This application was again the result of a freelance programmer to wanted to manage the business performance with some clicks only so he developed an application that could send invoice connecting your email account and the expenses could be tracked using the application within few minutes. The application is doing well and the iOS app developers working for Invoice2Go are able to come up with an Apple watch app for the same to monitor the business over a wristwatch and send quotes via an application.

iconPlatform: iOS, Android

iconPrice: Free( in-app purchases)


Bodywise is more than just a tracker for your calories or the steps you take in a day. The developer wanted an iOS app that is compatible with both the fitness bands and Jawbone to do more than just monitor the basic functionality of humans and so bodywise is a health app that can be customized according to the users need and gives the overall health details to diagnose if there is something serious going on.


iconPrice: Free


The services like plumbing and carpeting are pretty expensive in Australia and this application is telling you that you can hire people to get in line for the latest iPhone for you that’s pretty amazing for the lazy lads. It is not bad if you look it from a different angle one who has a lot of money can hire someone in the need of money to do simple day to day things through an app fair and square.

iconPlatform: iOS, Android

iconPrice: Free

8 Kinderloop

Kinderloop is a creation of a dad who wanted to check on his daughter and ended up creating an application which is much more than a communication tool for the parents. The educators can use the application to come up with activities according to the interest of the children.

iconPlatform: iOS, Android

iconPrice: Free

9 Procreate

This application was the first of its kind for the iPad platform and the developer used brush styles, blur tools and layers which allowed iOS to be a composition device for the art lovers. Now there are competitors using Android app development to give provide similar features but the procreate developers are still focusing on enhancing this application with iOS coming up with new technologies in the hardware. Let us see what they can do with the Arkit provided by Apple.

iconPlatform: iOS

iconPrice: $7.49

Pocket Weather

The pocket weather got so popular in Australia that the app was roughly installed in one out of six mobile app owners in the country because the updated data of the app are drawn from the Bureau of Meteorology which is accurate and helps the app to forecast the weather

iconPlatform: iOS, Android

iconPrice: $1.99-$2.49


Aussies have been beating Thailand in digital trends on the daily hours spent on the Smartphones. Thailand has a record of 9+ hours spent by an individual on the mobile phones on an average but the Aussies ain’t behind with 5+ hours according to the reports of 2018. The mobile app development companies can engage the 5 hours of users into productive activities through their mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Fluper company have team of top mobile app developers in Australia branch that endeavors to flick the traditional business methods and help the small business and individuals with technology to uplift the technology solutions in the country.

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