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All the developers must have been alerted from the reminders on their iPhones about the most awaited event of the year from June 4, 2018, to June 8, 2018, and must have booked tickets for San Jose, CA already. The iOS app developers look forward to the experts to bring changes in the operating system to make the art of developing apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iwatches. The event kickstarts with keynotes for the four days making major announcements followed by a briefing of the activities of the workshop to be held in the rest of the event.

Here are the major announcements to be expected on the first day

Universal apps

Apple is looking forward to helping mobile app developers and web app developers to become multi-device developers. As the MacOS and iOS demand different set of skills to develop an application. The universal apps will let Apple use some of its iOS apps for Mac as well, therefore, decreasing the cost of developing the same application for two different devices.

New features in iOS 12

iPhones were first of its kind and set a reference to the other emerging developers and manufacturers. The release of iOS 11 was not a happy year for apple with multiple hardware and software crises with the updated version. There were multiple bugs in the user interface, music app failures and much more which may seem tiny bugs but collectively they affect the user experience and may loosen the user’s interest from the device and the OS. Although the apple security crises were more prominent which gave rise to the circulation of the tiny-tiny bugs all over the internet.contact us Mobile App Development

Revamping features from initial versions

Now for about quite a few versions that Apple has launched there has not been major changes that would drive the users to buy the updated mobile. Well, the in-house iOS app development is just matching up the market for some years rather than coming up with unique features of its own. This conference can be a platform for the hidden gems of the development experts at Apple. The rumors say the users might see Animoji integration in the face time, improved version of DND (Do not Disturb) can be expected with enhanced features and augmented reality based new features are expected too. MAC has been silent after the MacBook Air came into the picture so there is a possibility to have the name of the new version of MacOS.

Cheap Macbooks Air and iPad Pro

With cheap products hitting the market, Apple must have witnessed a fall in the market of the most populous countries like India and China also the biggest market in the world. The announcement of a cheap MacBook Air and an iPad Pro for the kids to support the education apps developed recently by the iOS developers can be a smart move at the manufacturers’ end and an affordable choice for the users.

3-minute interaction with Students using the swift playground

with 350 tickets distributed as a scholarship for students is an endeavor to boost youth into taking iOS app development as a serious option and building the best mobile app development companies of the future. The sources tell there will be a three minutes exercise for the students to interact with the swift playground specially designed for the fresh developers

Cross-platform Functionality

With the integration of MacOS and iOS, the cross-platform functionality is definitely one of the announcements on the first day. The compatibility may no longer be a barrier for the users to download their favorite apps from the app store.

Advanced integration of Siri

Siri is a digital voice assistant developed by Apple which was launched in 2011 and now that there are other voice assistants like google assistant and Alexa. The popularity of Siri seems to have dampened due to no active work on the assistant to interact with the users and the environment. The updates on Siri is also expected at Apple’s most prestigious event of its own.

Apple’s wireless charger

Air Power has been a buzzword for a quite long time and Apple made an announcement of the same and disappeared for a while along the way many clone wireless charger was introduced in the market which is compatible with Apple’s operating system. So the users must be waiting for an update on the wireless charger announced by Apple at the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Future development talk by Apple

Apart from manufacturing mobile and laptops, Apple has an impressive research and development sector which works on the research of all the new features that make apple unique and at the top position in the mobile industry. Few topics for which the talk is scheduled are

  • Use of technology to trace the remains of world heritage from a satellite view combining archeology and space. The speaker is adamant about not letting the remains vanish hence using the technological platform to preserve the heritage
  • Power of kids is a concept of wearable watches for children’s safety, an initiative by UNICEF to protect the children’s right and reduce the risks in their lives. The speaker is a founder of UNICEF USA’s venture group working to protect children from the cruelty and making the use of smartwatches to help them.
  • Making art out of science, an experience of the real world using technology. The speaker talks about behind the scenes of pictures like finding Nemo, brave etc.


Apple has always been a lavish property for people and it has the highest sales of its robust software as well as hardware. The WWDC seats were the result of the lottery system where the iOS app developers had to get their registrations done for a seat of $1599 in the event of four days and for the rest who had hard luck can watch it through the live streaming through an app, Apple TV, and Apple developers websites. There are 350 tickets as a scholarship to students who will avail free ticket to WWDC 2k18, free lodging and free one-year membership to the Apple’s developer program. Fluper is eagerly waiting for the event in order to make changes in the existing iOS team of mobile app development circuit.

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Are you going to watch it?

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