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Its an Apple tradition to start with the major announcements in all the functional platforms of the company such as iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPhone. Before Tim Cook made the major changes in the existing functionality in iOS and Mac, there was a quick visual dedicated to all the iOS app developers working in for the development of apps for all the devices introduced by Apple. Worldwide developers conference brings with it exciting frameworks for developers to improve the methodology of developing apps and new features in the existing hardware and operating system owned by Apple to make the user experience enrich.

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Let’s check out the announcements on the first day of WWDC 2k18: 04/06/2018

Advanced features in iOS 12

The operating system designed for iPhone and iPad is quite robust and impressive for the users but with the evolution in computing demands a revised version to stay in the market. The iOS 12 is the next rollout for iPhones and has some advanced features such as : 

  • Experts have worked on the launcher app for faster responses
  • Stunning keyboard display.
  • Camera opening and shutting down
  • User demand of Memoji; an extension to Nemoji from the previous year
  • Facetime can initiate conversation with 32 people simultaneously

Augmented Reality Apps

With AR apps getting popular, the software team at Apple has also come up with AR apps also known as AR technology 2.0. The measuring app can make visuals of the products being scanned through the apps displaying the information related to the product with other apps having improved face tracking, 3D object detention, and realistic vendoring. The AR file thus formed is tagged as USDZ ( universal scene description optimized for sharing compact single).

iwatch apps for Apple users

Apple is known for its unique features and something the operating system solely can do. So for the wearables platform, the iwatch has automatic workout features for Yoga, hiking, and biking with a workout app associated with the iPhone. The new features in iwatches are they can be used as a walkie-talkie for a certain distance to communicate with the pears. With face time and walkie-talkie concept, the iOS app development is working on connectivity quite a bit which can be an initiated towards internet of things.

Upgraded “Do not Disturb”

DND of the iPhone is upgraded and can do customized jobs rather than just making the phone silent from the incomings of call and messages. With customized DND mobile app developers can use the upgraded DND customization to innovate a new feature for their mobile app development.

Performance gradient of the user

Apple has come up with the concept of an inbuilt app that can take up the screen space to tell the user the weekly activity summary with the app usage and a graph format for a better analysis of the time and initiate a better time management.

“Siri” has improved

“Siri” was the weakest voice assistant in the market than Google Assistant and Alexa but now Siri can do a lot of things after getting rewired. The custom features are introduced if you are going to the gym Siri will automatically review the apps mostly used while gyming by the user and display on the screen.

MacOS advancements

MacOS has come up with “Mojave” which has advanced features to enhance the desktop experience of the user with Dark mode on the screen and stacking of the files in the bar menu. MacOS is expected to have an upgrade for a long time.

Apple TV Sounds just got better

Apple 4k TV is another platform of Apple having a discovery tab which provides a relevant editorial content for the user instead of making the user run around the bush to reach the desired content to be viewed on the Apple TV.

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Apple has a detailed session planned to explain the new ideas hitched by the research and development team at the company for future aspects of technology as well as iOS app developers for computing. The company gets every minute detail patent regarding the software and hardware to maintain the legacy which is both the strength as well as the weakness for the survival in the market. This is a first-day extract of the event by Fluper and the adventure of technological possibilities will continue for the coming three days. STAY TUNED !!!

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