Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has certainly been a necessary event for the company ever since 21st Century. This is a conference held annually in California in order to showcase latest software as well as technologies iOS app developers. The first ever event was held in the year 1983 but it was eversince 2002 that Apple gained momentum and started using this conference as a major launching area. Till the year 2007, the number of attendees varied in the range of 2000 and 4200. After 2007, with in-depth sessions, it has got an impulse in the number of participants reached upto 5000 attendees. This has been a staple conference where Steve Jobs have unveiled some of the most innovative products like Mac Pro, iPhone and many more. Apple uses the event in order to launch not only new apps, but major iOS versions etc.

WWDC (Worldwide developers conference) image

This conference is marked as an important event in Apple’s Calendar with the major announcements of Apple’s hardware as well as software from the last couple of years.

WWDC History

Till 1988

Although Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the year 1970s with the frequent reinventions in 1980s with Macintosh, but the way WWDC is expanding and marked its existence in technology, could not manage to gain that much popularity in 1980s. I have attached a video 1983 Apple Keynote. Please can also find stances from this Video


This is the time period when Apple was continually loosing grounds from Windows. In the year WWDC 1989, Apple welcomed the arrival of System 7 which although ensured its existence till the year 1997 which was later overtaken by Mac OS 8. Clone Macs which was doomed feature-packed OS, it was so fully laden with goodies that looked for a hard disk drive in order to install.

This has further demoralised the users with late entry into the market. Perhaps, its existence was expected in the year 1991. You can find more stances from a video WWDC keynotes 1989.


1991- It brought the first piece of software as QuickTime which demonstrated in the year May 1991 WWDC. It was first shown to the audiences in Apple’s 1984 ads for the Macintosh.

1995- It brought the introduction of some of the standard parts of modern operating systems that has although somehow managed to reclaim the lost grounds of Apple from Windows. It has enabled comprehensive multitasking quite convenient.

1996-As per CEO Gil Amelio, he had come into the conclusion that Copland would be released as smaller updates instead of enormous one.


This was a year when Steve had shared his strong opinion on technology. Steve Jobs was still an advisor took the presentation in Q&A format. Although he did not unveil any of the products but he did introduce the strategy in the five word “focus is about saying no”.