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The iPhone has been in the mobile market even before the android’s first smartphone launched. Still, every iOS version seems to be the new door to the technical opportunities and probabilities immersing the users into a completely new world. 

We can also see that every new version of iOS has few features copied from Android OS. and now here comes iOS 17, which is no exception has borrowed 10+ features from Android. Currently, Apple is beta testing its latest version with the developers, soon it will be available for the users also by July. Maybe users can see the official release by September. Features coming to the iPhone are extracted from Android. Great possibilities for iOS app development company as new features are still working on the iOS 17 help to work in MacOS and iPadOS 17.

Top Android Features Visible in Latest IOS Version 17

 1. Live Voicemail

Apple iOS 17 has new features like live voicemail, allowing iPhone users with a real-time transcription of voicemails from friends, family, and unknown callers. The iPhone already depends on spam calls with the help of support carriers that automatically reject the call. The transcriptions that appear over the call screen are taken to the voicemail to decide whether the call is answerable or not.

The same thing is seen in android, this feature was present in Android smartphones in 2018. Android features in Google’s phone app allow translating incoming calls. This implementation is quite different from the regular voicemail at. A screen calling message appears over the calls to allow the call screen.

 2. Offline Maps

Apple Maps are getting a huge update on iPadOS and iOS let users download offline maps on their device whether it is iPhone or iPad. Before trekking the users can get it on their phone to survive even in low connectivity. This feature is far straight forward than the regular performance were maps used to get removed 

For several years, with the upcoming software Apple Maps has supported the map with the turn-by-turn directions, location rating, business hours, and other situations of the streets and ring roads. Google Maps has had offline maps at least since 2011 over the years and years. Google Maps has also worked on iOS since 2013.

 3. NameDrop

AirDrop is a convenient method of sharing files between devices in the Apple ecosystem, like iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. With the name drop on iOS 17, it helps Apple to share the contact cards very easily in just one go. iPhone app development services will get benefitted by this, as All the users need is to bring the two devices closer. Users can conduct a share play, for content like games, videos, media, and music. 

Google also added the same functionality to Android in 2011, with the Android beam. When the contact card is open anyone can tap against the back and share the media. Android beam was discontinued as an operating system feature and replaced by the nearby share, however, it still exists for the API developers in the near field communication (NFC) connectivity.

 4. FaceTime Message

Apple has provided facetime as a service required with a much-needed feature for iOS 17 and the rest of the versions introduced until now. Apple users can leave video or audio messages through Facetime, when the person does not receive a phone call. Video effects work just as they do in the normal Facetime. The best part is that even the Apple watch can play the messages. 

Even Google has made the same method of video or audio message-sharing feature through the application named google duo. One can easily share the message in the google duo when the receiver does not answer the call. Google Duo has now merged with google meet and now video audio calls are available in the same applications allowing people to arrange meetings easily.

 5. Back-to-Back Siri Requests

The upcoming version 17 of iOS and iPadOS allows the users to give back-to-back commands to Siri. It comes with the latest features in the new version, now hey siri or Siri quickly triggers the assistant over the device. 

Google Assistant inspires Android mobile app development company has had the capability since 2018 when google introduced multiple conversations and actions. Saying hey google or google works for the google assistant, here the first command always has to start with google. Also, answering a phone call, or stopping a timer does not require you to trigger any phrase to interact with the assistant.

 6. StandBy

Starting with the iOS 17 the charging positions about the iPhone immediately change its standby and the information sharing features at a glance. The glance includes multiple widgets like clocks, photos, alarms, etc. the layout is very customizable and includes the live activity, siri and the night light mode on. 

Android also has the screen saver while it is in the charging mode. The screen save reduces the requirement to turn the hpe on for any kind of activity so that the phone can fully charge in the least possible time. Setting clocks, changing colors, and rotating the photos becomes easy using the screen save. However, the implementation by Apple in the live activities and the Siri support is quite more impressive in iOS as compared to the android one.

 7. Auto-Populated Album of Pets

People in the album photos of the gallery in iPhone, iPad and Mac can detect the faces and segregate the picture accordingly. This way, finding the person’s photos from thousands of options becomes easier. This filter works on AI and works as a useful filter to find the pictures very easily. iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS are also given the pet scanning feature. Now the photos of the pets can also be found segregated in the album. 

Same functionality has been seen in 2018 in the google photos for android, web and iOS app development version. It allows you to search photos easily for pets and people. Even one can filter the photos on the bases of places, things and other factors.

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Many of the features are available in Google’s pixel devices. Starting from the Google assistant one will be easily able to track any activity in the Google. A pop up widget shows the activities going one, also, swipe through the widget takes you to the top of the possibilities. Google also does the copy of the features from iOS. For example android 14 will copy the lock screen and wallpaper customer that is extracted from the iOS 16, and also the find my app functionality from the apple.

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