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With technology development comes security concerns as machines don’t understand emotions and have a brain which only reads zeros and ones. Some precautions are to be taken by the users themselves, some needs to be incorporated by the developers and the rest needs to be taken care by the officials to make the policies that do not allow the misuse of the technology. Cybercrime is the term coined for the unethical activities performed using technology as the medium to destroy or hurt an individual or an organization. So the awareness of the same is necessary with mobile app development still juggling with the common security guidelines as it varies from the category to category of the applications.

Reported: “ There was a bug detected at the server side which has been allowing blocked users to review the profile and even send messages again”.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has encountered the bug where the people who have been blocked from your contact list are able to send the messages. The news of the same went viral with a tweet by WABetaInfo regarding this issue and suggesting the alternate solution for the same, they said:

It looks blocked contacts might sometimes be able to see your profile picture and last seen. It really seems a server-side bug. I recommend you to remove the blocked contact from your Address Book, to configure Privacy Settings on “My Contacts” and mute the blocked contact’s chat”

The instant messaging application is highly popular on both the platforms Android and iOS. The users started having the problem and expressed their complaints on twitter which were acknowledged by the WhatsApp spokesperson and he suggested a manual precaution to deal with this bug as the developers are working on the glitch in the applications server. Whatsapp is coming with this whole new feature group chat that allows you to chat in a group with multiple people through a video medium.

The application doesn’t have a complicated iOS or Android app development rather has a simple navigation in the application with limited and precise feature that can be easily managed without any large scripts running at the back although the data center of the same runs some great algorithms for the backup of the data for every user of WhatsApp.

What is a text bomb?
The text bomb is a text which causes the device to freeze on opening it on the WhatsApp platform. After a tweet from users about the blocked contacts issue, many started to tweet about text bomb.

How to spot a text bomb?
All the users were warned about the text bomb and the messages that can be a text bomb may have the following structure.

  • “Very interesting message …with an emoji and read more”
  • A crying emoji followed by a question.

What to do after detecting the text bomb?
The best way to get rid of such messages is to delete the message after reading or erase the entire thread of the message altogether.

These are the possible questions that may arise in the head of a user while dealing with such issues at their end.

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The WhatsApp testers keep detecting such problems from time to time on updating the application which is not experienced by all the 1.5 daily active users of WhatsApp. The mobile app developers make sure the bugs are solved right after detection and updated on the server, for the same reason most users don’t experience any discomfort. So, here is a tip from Fluper experts to the WhatsApp users if they encounter such issue of blocked contacts messaging them back just don’t have their number and change the privacy settings to only contacts.

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is the brilliant mind behind the technology at Fluper, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. With a wealth of experience in software development and a passion for leveraging the latest technologies, Vinay drives the technical vision of Fluper's projects. His expertise in creating scalable and robust solutions ensures Fluper delivers best-in-class products exceeding client expectations.

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