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The multiplayer game PUBG has finally announced an interesting manner to contribute to the global pandemic crisis. The PUBG game developed by the PUBG Corporation is this time partnering with Direct relief to fight the current situation. In this way, the company helps in supplying medical support to healthcare workers.

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To contribute to the global pandemic situation the Multiplayer game has started a ‘Play as One’ campaign that encourages the worldwide 600 million players to team up for this commendable cause. With this step, millions of players across the globe can play for a similar objective and can bring a new in-game challenge that generates funds to support the community of health workers.

The plan is an effort to bring an optimistic impact on society and helping more individuals. The renowned game PUBG that is liked by millions of people has once again proved it is taking the social responsibility in a global brand perspective and motivating all its members to donate their efforts.

In this event, the PUBG Mobile players can simply contribute by running in the game and add more and more dollars for the cause. The game has recently undergone an update of 0.18.0. This update rolled out by the company has been very much liked by the players as with it, they enjoy a new Nordic-themed map, called Livik. The exclusive map rolled up by the company helps users to run around in the Classic Mode for that theme and can donate COVID-19 aid.

In addition to the above, PUBG Mobile in a tweet also announced that – It is donating $1 million for the global crisis to Direct Relief. But this is not all; the company has yet again planned to support the Direct relief by starting this game. The running challenge introduced helps players to enhance this donation amount by simply using the maps in Classic Mode. The Run-in game is a component of PUBG Mobile’s Play As One drive to bring its worldwide players together in order to build an encouraging impact.

When a user meets the milestone set on the game, then they will add one dollar to the donation sum. It totally depends on the users and the number of milestones, they boost the contribution amount. For this campaign, the players have the time of only a few days they can play for this contribution up to July 28, after which the program will be ended and the ultimate donation sum will be publicized.

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Moreover, renowned game PUBG mobile has also started a website along with Direct Relief, where players can directly contribute. All the donations raised will go towards supporting Direct Relief’s urgent situation response around the globe. It simply signifies the more you play, the more you money you contribute to the relief fund. A milestone tracker is also set with this event so that players know about their milestones, starting with a donation of USD 1 million in-game.

For now, the gaming company is busy in this event and will soon reveal results about the same once the campaign is over with its audience. DisclaimerWearable App Development Company

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