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The dating app Bumble has reinstated its political preferences filter after disabling it “to prevent misuse” in the wake of the US Capitol riots. Following the violence, reports emerged online of some Bumble users switching the filter to find those who had taken part and report them to authorities.

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Bumble said it had noticed people using the filter in a way that was “contrary to our terms and conditions”. But it faced a backlash online from users unhappy with its decision. The feature enables people to display their chosen political views – such as conservative or liberal and filter their matches accordingly.

Some app users claimed on social media that they had deliberately changed their political preferences in order to attract rioters and then report them.

Some accused the company of “protecting” those who had carried out violent acts by disabling the filter.

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Others said they needed the filter to make sure their matches shared their political outlook and as a result, many tweeted to the company that they were cancelling their accounts.

Bumble said it had restored the function within 24 hours of suspending it.

In a statement it also said it was blocking people who had been using the platform to “spread insurrectionist content”.

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