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The wearable technology, silicon wristband, called a Moodbeam, allows your employer to track your emotional state. The gadget, which links to a mobile phone app and web interface, has two buttons, one yellow and one blue. The idea is that you press the yellow one if you are feeling happy and the blue one if you are sad.

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The companies who wish to observe their employees’ mental and emotional state can ask their employees to wear this silicon wristband. Managers can then view an online dashboard to see how workers are feeling and coping.

Christina Colmer McHugh was inspired by her daughter when she saw her struggling at school and she wanted a way for her child to let her know how she was feeling. The wristband was launched commercially in 2016.

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Many children would hesitate to press the button and know their emotional state to their parents. If this is the case, then would the employees do this to know their emotional state to their boss? That is the question.

With most of us not due to return to the office any time soon, a number of other technology firms are also exploring ways to help companies better look after their employees’ emotional wellbeing. This Moodbeam silicon wristband can be an extremely useful option to know about the employees’ emotional state.

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