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For the first time, Samsung’s new flagship smart phone Galaxy S21 works with a stylus with an optional add-on of the amazing S-Pen. The benefit of having a stylus is that it is easier to write, draw or take notes than using a finger.

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In order for the stylus to work, it requires special hardware under the glass of the phone’s display to pass power to the stylus and to track its tip. The Android-based Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 6.8in (17.3cm) display, which is only slightly smaller than the top-end 6.9in Note.

In previous years, the Note phones were known as “phablets”, and their size was the other major distinguishing factor with the S range. Unlike the Note series, the S21 Ultra requires a special case to stow away the pen.

The S21 Ultra goes on sale on 29th January, 2021. There are also two other lower-cost models in the new range, neither of which works with the S-Pen stylus: the 6.2in S21 and 6.7in S21+. All three models feature a redesigned camera module on their back. The two lower-end models have three lenses – ultra-wide, wide and 3x-zoom telephoto – the S21 Ultra adds a further 10x-zoom telephoto lens.

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The introduction of stylus for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra makes it more user-friendly and convenient for the people. People love gadgets, smart phones and they always welcome any new feature and are eager to experience it.

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