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Apple is among the supreme leaders in the smartwatch industry. Apple iWatches have gained immense popularity, especially among the youths, and have also become a style statement. 


Apple continues to make inroads towards its numerous position globally. Numbers generated by a report from Strategy Analytic suggest that its overall share was around 55% in the first quarter of 2020. The report also revealed that the growth of Apple smartwatch boosted by 22% compared to the same duration in 2019. Samsung and Garmin took the second and third spots on this list respectively.


The surge of Apple iWatch has motivated the iWatch app development company or companies to produce more iwatches and solve small real-life problems related to the device. There is no doubt that an Apple watch comprises a plethora of features, but when it comes to iWatch App Development, there are things one should keep in mind. We have tried to compile some of the decisive tips an enterprise app development company follows for iWatch app development


Try to finalize the Application category precisely!

Before initiating the development process, the target iWatch application’s category should be finalized. You can categorize the app under fitness apps, social media, and communication & productivity tools. 


The lockdown phase forced us to stay at home. Many people had to compromise their health and fitness as not much physical activity was performed. Home workout was the only physical activity left, and to track this, the need for iWatches and other smartwatches erupted. These fitness tracking smartwatches display critical health parameters to the user like pulse, heart rate, oxygen level, etc. These apps help normalize workout activities and track them. So keeping these apps under the fitness category would be a good definition.

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It’s better to understand the iWatch App Architecture!

The iWatch app constitutes of three things like WatchKit App, iPhone App, and WatchKit Extension. The WatchKit app is the only part that runs seamlessly on the iWatch. The app is made up of static objects like UI and images that are visible to the user. It is used for running computations in the paired iPhone devices and is useful in setting the UI elements including text and text field elements.


Small may be challenging, but it is good!

Whether it is for a mobile app development company in UK, US, UAE, or any other place, being the smallest device available in the market poses certain limitations for an iWatch app development company. The mini screen is later fragmented into various sections for different things. Due to this, a lot of thoughts go behind the text and combination. The irrelevant alerts and notifications should be kept at bay as they create unnecessarily clutters on the minimalistic screen. The UI should be kept simple for users to explore.


Choose between iWatch or Simulator!

When it comes to testing, decision has to be made by an iWatch app development company to test the app on a simulator or the device itself. For a better understanding of the two platforms, it is crucial to know their pros and cons. The iWatch app executes faster in simulators as it doesn’t have to compete with other applications. Furthermore, the response time in simulators is generally fast. Also, app testing and development are relatively easy to perform on simulators.


Besides, there are numerous words on simulators for testing that says the iWatch app may go through performance concerns. Therefore, it is better to use simulators in the early stages of development also the actual device for detailed testing.


Intelligent complications!

Complexities lie with different UI elements and unique display ideas. These can be used extensively by the developers to get valuable information at a glimpse. While designing the complications, the developers can look for the relevant content including the content of dynamic nature. Another criterion here could be the time of data updates. For instance, you can’t display weather alerts one hour earlier, it has to be at least 20-24 hours before. 


Keep it simple!

The approach of iWatch app development shouldn’t be complicated. It should be kept simple as it is the new black. Instead of wasting your precious time experimenting with designs, it is better to focus on necessities like the user interface. The UI should be created with all the relevant information, and experimentations in UI should be carried with innovative graphics so that more relevant information could be revealed.


Bank upon the real-time information

The app developers should be focusing on real-time information delivery. The developers can do this by using accelerometer data and gyroscope. Real-time data includes motion senses, and it is used to track specific body part movements such as the arms or legs. However, it is better to use motion data only when it’s offering direct benefits to the user. Do not use a gyroscope and accelerometer while using the app, as it might get difficult for some users to replicate motion gestures.


Time to wrap up: The iWatch app development could tiring, and sometimes it could be deary. However, the developers still try to do their best in offering a delightful experience for their users by focusing on simplicity and providing relevant real-time information. For the budding iWatch app developers, this post will definitely help their cause in shaping up their careers.

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