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Apple’s M1 processors, the Apple-designed member of the Arm family that powers new MacBooks, are changing views of Arm PCs. The M1 chips offer not just good battery life, like Qualcomm’s Arm chips in some Windows laptops, but also good performance. At the same time, x86 PCs has improved only gradually.

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Arm Chief Executive Simon Segars is extremely optimistic about this new Arm-based PC era as it is promising and innovative. Arm is pouring new engineering resources into PC chip designs innovating wondrous technological designs. The leading graphics chipmaker, Nvidia is trying to acquire Arm for $40 million dollars.

Arm is determined to stay in the market forever. Success for Arm would mean PCs powerful and efficient enough for mainstream buyers. Its efficiency can be calculated by its attribute of running for 1-2 day without charger.

Most notably, Arm chips power just about every smart phone. They’re also used in networking gear, internet-of- things gadgets, Raspberry Pi computers for hardware hackers and the world’s fastest supercomputer. About 20 billion Arm chips ship each year.

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Arm is quite confident about introducing the brand new PC era. They are focused on acquiring the market and leaving a mark forever. Even though, Arm is not a household name, it has a high possibility now that Arm will become popular among people and mainstream buyers.

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