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 Are you looking for a screen recorder that can capture every aspect of your screen while also recording HD without lagging? To obtain a high-quality display recorder without a watermark at no cost, go to this article.

What Makes a Screen Recorder Needful?

There is no denying that movies are becoming more and more well-known than texts or images. Texts are, after all, incontrovertible. Image transport restrictions are noted in the meanwhile. But movies can also contain a variety of rich features, such as words, images, animations, and sounds.

Compared to an editorial or an image, seeing a video allows everyone to understand a lot more quickly. No matter if you’re a student looking to review all the instructions you’ve learned or a teacher wants to document an instructional, you may complete the task with a visually appealing film.

Consequently, you require a screen recorder. But the fact that you have to pay for a display recorder regularly, whether monthly or annually, disappoints people. The fact that most software programs limit the record time and include the watermark by default only makes things worse. Simply increase your payment if you want a longer video or to remove the watermark. However, people typically want an HD video to view what happened during each frame, but they only manage to find lengthy movies with several lags.

Thus, the free iTop Screen Recorder is created, protecting all of your desires, including the ability to record any area of your screen, unlimited recording time, no watermark, recording the screen with audio, no lagging even during HD recording, the ability to take screenshots while recording, and the ability to edit after recording. The most interesting thing is that the iTop group also offers an online version, so you don’t need to install any additional software to get a high-quality WebM video. Enjoy this free online screen recorder right now if you need to finish your education quickly.

iTop Screen Recorder: How to Use

iTop Screen Recorder How to Use
iTop Screen Recorder How to Use

Let’s look at how to record your screen with iTop Screen Recorder to create a fantastic film.

Step 1: Go to recorder.itopvpncCom to download and install this free program on your computer. Support is available for Win7, Win8, Win10, and Win11.

Step 2: Run iTop Screen Recorder in and choose the location where you want to report. It files every part of your display by default. You can choose a certain window and easily capture anything inside of it. Alternatively, you can choose any location to start from.

Step 3: Start the process right away or adjust the default settings to an earlier time. Now that you have selected the “REC” option, you may begin recording. For your benefit, all default settings have been tuned to work well with the hardware in your computer. Should you need to modify the output listing, the audio and video formats, the frame rate, the hotkeys, or the watermark, you may do it here.

Step 4: Control the recording system by pressing the keys F9, F10, and F11. To start or stop recording, press F9. To pause or resume, press F10. Use F11 to snap screenshots while recording, which is a really useful feature because the iTop team overcame technological barriers to simultaneous video and audio recording and screen capture taking.

Step 5: Simply select the edit icon from the video listing if you need to remove some components from the original video. After that, you can move the progress bar to best save the elements you wish to keep.


This article provides you with a simple introduction to iTop Screen Recorder and walks you through the steps to use it. With this screen recorder Windows 10, I hope your life will be more exciting both online and offline.

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