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From the past few years, the taxi business is growing at fast speed with the advancement in technologies. The On-demand taxi services are emerging continuously and helping users to reach their chosen destination safely. The taxi app development apps like Careem, Uber are enhancing the scope for mobile app development companies to execute unique strategies for their future projects. When you check the data you will come to know that Careem and Uber are dominating the On-Demand Taxi Booking services.

Without any doubt, Careem is the market leader if you are looking results in the direction of Eastern countries. If you are planning to build a taxi booking app like Careem and Uber then you must be excited to know how this technology helps transportation business operated within the mobile apps. As we know that the innovation of mobile app technology is spreading across all business including the transportation industry. Everyone knows that Uber, Grab Taxi, and Careem, are popular because of their latest features, user-friendly designs, and app interface.

So this write-up gives we will give you a clear idea about how much does it cost to develop Careem Clone app. Here at Fluper, a leading mobile app development company in Dubai has arrived to help its readers. In this blog, you will get to know the cost details about mobile app development like Careem, Uber and will also get complete details about various features involved that influence user to use these apps. Read more!

Growing Demand of Cab Booking Services in Dubai, UAE

Nowadays every second person is using a Smartphone with an internet connection. This technology has somehow made things easy in our lives. We can now order food, buy products and can book a ride in just a few simple clicks on our mobile device. The on-demand taxi booking applications like Uber and Careem are also becoming popular these days. The on-time services offered by these apps is the reason why more and more people love to book their rides with these taxi booking apps. This advanced technology has made the life of people simple and hassle-free.

How Taxi Booking Apps Like Uber or Careem Work?

These apps have somehow changed the way world moves and that is not an overstatement. Uber is a California-based multinational company that has changed the marketplace with its astonishing idea. Now you can book your cab in seconds with just a few simple clicks on your mobile app. This app is giving a chance to earn money in their extra time by working as a cab driver.

4 Easy Steps to Use Taxi booking Apps like Uber or Careem Work:

iconRequest a Car

Now with this app, the users can schedule a ride at any time. The cab request sent by the user will be received by the drivers nearby the location.


When the nearby drivers see those requests, it is up to them whether they accept the request or reject it. If a driver refuses the request of the user, then it will be sent to different drivers near to the location.


The user using the app can track the location of the taxi which they have booked through a mapping system in the app. The user can also know the estimated arrival time of the car.

iconPay and Review

In the pay and review section, the user can check the price they need to pay ahead of the time. It is your choice whether you want to pay in cash or online. This makes the entire process smoother for drivers and as well as for users. For making the service even better app like Uber also has a system for rating the drivers.

Features of on-demand Taxi Booking App like Careem, Uber

User Panel


iconPush Notification

iconDriver location

iconRide history


iconSocial login

iconGeo Tracking

iconPayment gateway

iconFare Estimation

iconApp Wallets

icon Ratings

Drivers Panel

iconProfile Creation

icon Dispatch and Tracking Panel

iconMulti-language support

iconRate Card

iconMulti-currency Support

iconPush Notification

iconUser Tracking

icon Users Data

iconCost Determination

iconEasy Navigation

iconFlexible vehicle options

iconEmail alerts

Admin Panel

iconMulti-currency support

iconVehicle Management

iconBilling and invoice

icon Compliant Control

iconReviews Responding

iconRole Management

iconVehicle tracking system

iconPayment Options

iconDaily Reports

Technologies Incorporated for Uber-like App Development

If you want a taxi booking app and just want to gain the same traction and profits as Uber, then it is important to integrate some technologies into the app. Without these technologies, the functioning of the application like Uber would not be possible:

iconMaps and Geolocation

This feature provides the user passenger and driver in the app to know the exact location. This makes the process fast and accurate. Using the geolocation feature user and driver can find the right route, measuring the distance and length of the ride.

iconPush Notifications and SMS

The taxi booking app like Uber and Careem also provide its user with Push notifications and SMS that help the passengers come to the cabs timely, and the drivers get to know about the fresh requests right away.

iconIn-app Payments

This feature is something that makes this app different from other online taxi service providers on the road. The technology used in these apps helps to make cashless payments right from the phone screen. It is one of the top advantages provided by on-demand taxi apps. There are various options for cashless payment methods like credit and debit cards,

iconGoogle Wallet, Paypal, and Apple Pay

Now hopefully you know about the various technologies that are vital for developing an app like Uber, let’s put some focus on some other aspects for developing the robust mobile app.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Clone App like Uber or Careem?

To make a clone app like Careem or Uber, it is crucial to understand all the components of the entire system. The taxi booking app is divided into three apps. Each on-demand app like Uber depends on the development of other 2 different applications organized with the support of an admin panel. So it depends on your requirements as every company has their pricing models for making these types of applications. Therefore, it is tough to give an accurate cost to have a rough idea about the estimation, have a look at the following points:

iconFor the most basic variant of the taxi booking application with just the basic features and attractive UI/UX design, the cost can go up to $5,500 for complete development.

iconFor a midsized app with basic features, the cost can increase to somewhere in between $15,000 to $20,000.

iconFor an app like Careem with all the advanced features that Careem as of now has, the cost can rise to as high as $80,000 to $85,000.

For more details, you can connect with us as we also offer free consultation about your business model. So, to kick-start your app development plan, get a free consultation from us today.

How Much Fluper Costs to Develop Taxi Booking Apps like Careem and Uber?

Well, it is quite tough to analyze the cost of the Uber clone App after discussing the range of features and factors; as there are many factors that influence the cost of a taxi app development like Careem, or Uber.

Coming to competitive edge, taxi booking app development services are on-demand and keeping in this mind Fluper a leading taxi booking app Development Company has analyzed the current taxi booking services and thus offer you with a team of best app developers to build an app.

The cost of app development of apps like Careem and Uber ranges from$20000-$55000 and depends on your financial plan, and choice. Now it is easy to hire taxi app developers, as we are ready to assist you from scratch and we have 8+ years of industry experience in developing apps like Careem and Uber.


Hire Fluper, a leading mobile app development company to get the best solution for your business needs. We are all set to support you and make your plan into reality. We apply all the latest technologies and tools to produce a flawless mobile app. We maintain the standards that help us to satisfy our clients. We are recognized as a top travel mobile app Development Company in Dubai, and we can implement the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT within mobile apps to make them more imposing and for easy operations. Our main aim is to make a flawless mobile app that can boost sales for your business. Our mobile app developers have deep knowledge about developing high-quality taxi booking apps for travel with unique features.

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