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About Ovia

Ovia, a pregnancy tracker app, is made to assist expectant moms in tracking the progression of their pregnancies and to offer useful knowledge and guidance. Ovia provides tools for documenting appointments and significant milestones, as well as features like individualised daily updates on the growth and development of the baby, symptom tracking, nutrition and exercise advice, and tools for tracking symptoms.

The software also enables users to track their prenatal vitamins and other drugs, as well as their weight, sleep patterns, and other health-related data. In addition, Ovia has a community function where users may interact with other pregnant women and exchange stories and suggestions.
Pregnant women can use pregnancy tracker apps like Ovia to keep informed and involved with their pregnancies and to give themselves peace of mind during this wonderful time.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Availability: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

A wide range of features are available in the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app including a customised timeline of your baby’s anatomical development, 3D foetal representations, warning signs, educational articles, food and medication safety tools, and more.

Also, it enables extensive data collecting. This software is excellent for someone who enjoys data visualisation because it allows you to track information about your relationship status, amount of kegels you complete, nutrition servings, and even foetal movement.

Cost to build Pregnancy Tracker App like Ovia

Cost to build Pregnancy App

The period of a woman’s life during her pregnancy is one of her most joyful and worrisome occasions. Several changes occur in her physically and mentally as she navigates them while also worrying constantly for the wellbeing of the child. They turn to pregnancy tracking apps as a result of this. These apps are created to make the road towards healthy delivery stress-free and are predicted to account for a market share that will reach USD 257.6 million in 2023.

But why is the market for pregnancy trackers growing so dramatically? The main cause of this can be attributed to the numerous advantages of pregnancy tracking apps, which include monitoring both the mother’s and the child’s health, providing users with insights into what to expect throughout the various stages of pregnancy, frequently reminding users to take their medications and get enough rest, and more. Ovia, the subject of our essay today, serves as a practical illustration of all these advantages as well as many more.

Cost to build Pregnancy Tracker App like Ovia might vary depending on a number of elements, including the complexity of the app, the features you want to include, the platform(s) you want to design it for, and the development team you employ.

Pregnancy Tracker app development Cost ranges from $25,000 to $80,000 when using Ovia as a benchmark. geographical location and the composition of the development team.

  • Several elements make up this range, including
  • Design for mobile applications
  • App attributes
  • The number of platforms where the software will be released
  • Incorporation of technology
  • Location and organizational structure of the development team.

It is crucial to remember that depending on the complexity and an increase in the aforementioned elements, this range may vary and potentially reach as high as $150,000–$200,000. Also, it will change based on where the healthcare app development firm is located. For instance, if you work with an Indian development organization, the average hourly rate will be $30 to $50, however in the US or UK, it may be $70 to $100.

Understanding how to generate income from an app like Ovia is another important component of knowing the cost to create one. Usually, while looking at monetization, you have these choices.

  • Freemium is a model where some functionalities of the programme are available only for a fee.
  • The app operates on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.
  • Relevant advertisements are displayed within apps, and the owners of those apps are paid with each click on those adverts

Consider using app development tools like AppyPie or BuildFire if you want to keep the cost down. These platforms offer pre-built templates and drag-and-drop user interfaces that can assist you in quickly and affordably creating an app.

Working with an experienced app development company is crucial to making sure your pregnancy tracker app is created to your requirements, adheres to all rules and laws, and offers a flawless user experience.

Almost every important part of developing an Ovia-like pregnancy tracking software has now been covered, so let’s move on to the one thing that will ensure your company’s success: how to outperform Ovia.

Features of the Ovia pregnancy tracking app

Features of the Ovia pregnancy-tracking-app

Expectant mothers can track their pregnancy and keep an eye on their health with the help of a number of features in the Ovia pregnancy tracking app. The Ovia app has a number of important functions, including:

Personalized pregnancy tracker: The app offers a customized pregnancy tracker that keeps track of the due date and offers daily insights and advice.

Health tracker: Users can keep track of their weight, blood pressure, sleep, and other health data to check on their general well-being throughout pregnancy.

Nutrition tracker: With the app’s nutrition tracker, users may keep tabs on their daily calorie, nutrient, and food intake.

Baby development updates: Subscribers receive weekly updates on their baby’s progress, along with pictures and videos showing the child’s development.

Community forum: The app offers a community forum where users may get in touch with other pregnant mothers, exchange stories, and seek guidance.

Appointment scheduler: Users can book appointments with their healthcare professionals using this app, and it will remind them of such appointments.

Medication tracker: Users can keep track of their medicine intake and get alerts when it’s time to take their pills.

Tracking symptoms: The app has a feature that allows users to keep track of and manage typical pregnant symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, and headaches.

Daily articles and tips: Subscribers receive daily articles and advice about parenting, labour, and pregnancy.

Ovuline score: The app gives users feedback on their health and pregnancy development in the form of an Ovuline score.

Pregnant women can track their pregnancy with the Ovia pregnancy tracking app and stay updated on their health and wellbeing thanks to its wide range of features.

Ovia-like process for Creating Apps

Ovia App Development Process

The phases below are usually included in the process of developing an Ovia app (or any other mobile app):

Idea generation: Coming up with concepts for the app is the initial step. Finding a market niche that the app could serve could be accomplished by conducting market research or brainstorming with a team.

Gathering requirements: After the idea has been decided upon, the following stage is to compile the app’s prerequisites. Understanding the features the app should have, the platforms it should run on, and any other particular requirements are necessary for this.

Design: During the design stage, the app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are created. This involves building wireframes and prototypes to test the design as well as designing the layout, colour schemes, and other visual components.

Development:  Building the app takes place throughout the development stage. Code for the app may need to be written, APIs and other services may need to be integrated, and the app may need to be tested to make sure it performs as planned.

Testing: The software needs to be rigorously tested after development to find any faults or problems that need to be fixed. Testing options include manual, automated, or a combination of the two.

Deployment: The app can be published to the app stores for people to download and use once it has been te sted and is ready for release.

Maintenance: To maintain good operation and user relevance after the app has been deployed, it may need regular maintenance and upgrades.

Ovia Like medical app development

Ultimately, medical app development like Ovia (or any other app) can be difficult and include a number of steps. But, it is possible to produce a high-quality software that satisfies user expectations by following a disciplined process and working with a talented team of developers, designers, and testers.

Determine your target audience:  Ovia is a medical app that supports women in tracking their sexual and reproductive health and offers tailored insights based on their information. Here are some things to think about if you’re interested in creating an app similar to this one:

Identify your target demographic: Women who are attempting to conceive or who are currently pregnant are the main demographics for Ovia. But, you may want to explore expanding your target audience to include women who are not attempting to conceive but still want to follow their reproductive health.

Choose the attributes: Menstrual cycle tracking, fertility windows, pregnancy symptoms, and daily health reports are a few of Ovia’s standout features. You might want to think about including other features, such as wearable device integration or reminders for doctor’s appointments or medicine.

Get a development team on board: A highly qualified and seasoned group of developers, designers, and QA testers is needed to create a medical software. Be sure the business you choose has a solid reputation and has experience creating medical apps.

Obtaining regulatory approval: You might need to acquire regulatory clearance from the FDA or other regulatory agencies, depending on the features and functionality of your app. Before you begin designing your app, be sure you are aware of the legal requirements.

Iterate and test: Once your app is created, you must fully test it and collect user feedback. To meet the changing demands of your users, use this input to enhance your app and add new features.

Although creating a medical software like Ovia is a difficult and complex process, with the appropriate team and strategy, you can produce a useful solution that improves how women manage their reproductive health.

How to build your app so that it performs better than Ovia?

You must take into account a number of aspects, such as user experience, functionality, marketing, and continuous support, in order to position your app for success. You can use the following advice to make an app that is more successful than Ovia:

Find a distinctive value proposition:

Ovia’s success is partially attributable to its capacity to offer pregnant women individualised and data-driven information. You must choose a special value proposition that sets your app apart from rivals if you want to build an app that is more successful than Ovia. Consider what issue your app addresses or what advantage it offers that other apps don’t.

Putting the user experience first:  

You should concentrate on making an intuitive, simple-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing user experience if you want to produce an app that is more successful than Ovia. Iterate based on user feedback after conducting user testing to discover any pain points in the user journey.

Add new features: 

Ovia has several features, such as community forums, tailored insights, and appointment reminders. You must provide a greater range of features that address the unique requirements of your target audience if you want to build an app that is more popular than Ovia.

Pregnancy Tracking Apps to Monitor Everything Baby-

  • A1COG
  • Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker
  • Expectful: Wellness for Moms
  • Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker
  • Stork
  • UMC Pregnancy App

What is the Pregnancy Tracker App?

Users only need to install the app, go through the registration process, enter their due date, and the pregnant journey with pregnancy and baby monitoring apps may begin. The users can check in every day and keep tabs on information on a daily, weekly, monthly, or triennial basis. There is a tonne of tailored content as of the deadline.

How Do These Pregnancy and Baby Tracker Apps Work?

The three trimesters of pregnancy become more easier with the aid of these applications because there is always individualized support available. Users only need to keep scrolling to find a wealth of information, including baby names, the optimum way to sit, sleep, and stand up after sitting, how a kid develops in the womb, and the healthiest foods to eat at each trimester. These apps essentially cover all of them, including a tone of information on post-partum and infant development later. In this manner, the app expands as the child develops.

Several pregnancy and baby tracker apps also include a wealth of functions, including appointment tracking, vitamin scheduling, constant remote medical check-ins, advice on prenatal care, and much more. These apps help a lot in a way by providing the appropriate information.


Is there a meal tracker app for pregnant women?

Your nutrition throughout pregnancy is regulated by the Fittur pregnancy and postpartum diet app. maintains a healthy balance in your diet during the crucial breast-feeding time. Afterward, it assists you in returning to your ideal body composition after giving birth. You can even turn your app into a permanent macro and calorie tracker.

How accurate are pregnancy tracker apps?

While fertility apps estimate the most fertile period using individualized data, they are not entirely trustworthy. However, even if a woman’s reproductive window is predicted by an app, having sex at that time doesn’t guarantee pregnancy.

Does the pregnancy tracker app cost anything?

The free pregnant app from Baby Center helps you when your child is born with daily parenting updates, resources like the Baby Development Tracker, and in-depth advice for infant sleep and feeding. The BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board has examined and given its seal of approval to all health material written by specialists.

What is the pregnant glow app?

The Glow app enables users to keep track of their menstrual cycles and decide when is the best time to get pregnant. The Glow App is designed to help with ovulation prediction to make pregnancy easier (not to be used for contraception).

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