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There is a lot of misinformation and ambiguity surrounding the true cost of building an app. The business owners always question how much it will cost to make a business app. Needless to say; that the cost of app development varies widely from project to project. On the web, you may come across several mobile app development companies that offer you with diverse solutions aimed at estimating Android app development costs, but this is nothing more than a marketing shift to attract the attention. The evaluation offered will not show you the genuine picture.

Comparatively low price tags prices and high quality are the solutions that everybody is looking for when hiring a mobile app development agency, whether that agency is in the US, the UAE, India, or in the UK. We know this concern of customers very well, and thus we develop Android and iOS mobile apps for startups and fortune companies all over the world.

Before reviewing the cost of the mobile app in detail; let’s give a concise extract about the cost of mobile application development and its main considerations.

Specification of Your App

To get started with the app cost estimation, you have to indicate the specifications of your business project you have in mind to get the exact cost estimation of your app. Our team will contact you shortly and give you tips on how to build an application in the right manner:

iconThe costs of mobile apps are largely based on complexity, features, and platform.

iconEcommerce integration (basics, advanced or enterprise)

iconApps with back-end maintenance will almost always cost more.

iconSimple apps for one platform will start around $25,000.

iconMore complex apps cost six figures but can push up over $1,000,000.

iconCost of an app also vary on extra features, Type of Mobile API and CRM integrations

iconDon’t overlook to budget for marketing, updates, and other costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

According to a Clutch survey if we skip all other factors while evaluating the cost of creating an app, a normal price to create an app by is $171,450. The online app cost calculators offer you a price of $200,000 and $350,000 for an app with dozens of unnecessary features. While the usual cost of app range confirmed by app development companies is in between $100,000 – $500,000. No need to panic as the price of small apps with less basic features could cost between $10,000 and $50,000, so there’s a chance for any kind of business to invest in this type of apps. Thousands of mobile app deployment companies around the globe declare to be the best app developers and promise they can provide the best solution. No surprise that such a massive range of prices and costs may confuse not only startups but also other experienced business persons. It’s not a top-secret that the standard cost of app development varies depending on developer hourly rates; project intricacy and time the developer takes to build an app.

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The App Development Cost Depends on the Following Aspects:

App Development Cost depends

iconType of the app- Taxi, Food, E-commerce, business, and social networking etc..

iconNumber of Screens

iconCRM integrations

iconPlatforms -iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

iconDesign (basic, individual, custom)

iconFeatures & infrastructure

Statistics Related to Cost of App Development Depending on Geographical Location

iconSouth American charges Android / iOS mobile app development service from $25 to $120 per hour.

iconThe UK charges $35 to $175 an hour for Android / iOS mobile app development.

iconEastern European mobile app developer’s charges start from $20 up to $110 per hour.

iconDevelopers in India charge $10-75

iconNorth America is considered to be the most costly region for Android / iOS mobile app development. The average companies charge from $20 to $250 per hour.

iconAustralian companies develop mobile applications at a rate of $35-150 per hour.

iconIn Indonesia, the mobile app developer’s charge is $20 an hour.

Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development or Local Development: What to Choose?

If you are planning to create a mobile application, then certainly the cost of developing an app matters the most. In case you don’t have a team of experts to make it happen, and you are possibly thinking to hire a mobile app development company to make an app. So the question here comes up is what to choose: local app development or outsourcing.

The only significant thing in favor of local development is physical closeness to the mobile development team, which most probably simplifies communication up to an extent. Certainly, it is easier to discuss your project requirements in person and experience the product before paying the cost for it. Conversely, outsourcing your business app development is not as worrying as is it may appear to you. If you outsource your project to a company then you will be surprised to know that remote teams keenly make high-quality apps and thus try to meet any organizational requirements. They have a higher level of proficiency at competitive rates; overseas developers can deliver much better results as compared to local ones.

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The matter of finding an experienced international developer team is much easier and there are several choices in the marketplace. It is weird to realize that the highest-priced app developer in the US charges $250 an hour, while the best one in UAE is $ 20-150 per hour much cheaper. Still, despite the normal reasons, such cost inconsistency doesn’t seem to be reasonable.

Cost of the App Depends on the Type of App you Choose to Develop

Type of App you choose to develop

It is a more sensible way to calculate how much does it cost to create an app. A standard cost to make a business app highly depends on what type of app and platform you choose to develop.

Native Apps

These apps are large and heavy and aim at delivering the best user experience, optimization, and fast work. These apps may use a variety of device’s APIs and process a broad range of features at a similar time.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are also called as cross-platform apps. These apps are best suited to reach a better audience from the start. Their development and maintenance costs of these hybrid apps are less if a team works together for a solitary code that works for all platforms.

Basic Functionality Apps

These apps are used by small businesses as these are fast to develop and include very few features. They are mostly developed for personal use and you possibly won’t find something like this in any app store.

Game Apps

Gaming apps are leading the marketplace for the past few years. Gaming apps are the most well-liked category of application worldwide and usually the most cost-effective ones. For example, Angry Birds development cost near $140,000 and made $70 million in its first year.

Cost of the Development Team to Create an App

To develop a business application you need a team of experts, not just one person so that your business app will provide you with better user experience. It would be much quicker and much more unique in the end, because every person is busy and answerable for their component of the project. Without doubt applications with unique features require more people and time to be involved in the development procedure.

There are different stages of app development in terms of costs and when it comes to the technical feature and the life cycle of app development, it is compulsory to look at the diverse phases in terms of cost of app development.

The Different Stages of App Development Are:

iconResearch or Discovery stage

iconDesign stage

iconDevelopment stage

iconTesting and deployment stage

iconSupport and maintenance

A perceptive of each stage across app development will help to plan your budget accordingly. Have a look at the costs for an extended app development team:

Extended Development Team:

Development Team Cost Evaluation

icon1 project manager- $20 per hour

icon1 back-end developer- $25 per hour

icon1-2 UI/UX designers- $15 per hour

icon1 QA engineer- $ 20 per hour

icon2-4 app developers- $30 per hour

According to the requirements of your business project, the team structure can also be different. The number of mobile app developers and designers, quality analyst and backend developers varies according to needs. However, a project manager to organize the workflow is essential.


In a nutshell, the cost to build an app depends on lots of factors. Application size, features, complexity, Development charges, and novelty of technologies play an important role in the app development cost. We hope our write up will help you find answers. If not, then we at Fluper are always ready to help you in this part. A correctly developed app can produce a huge return on your investment. If you have an app idea then, let us know right away.

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