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The Android app development industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in the recent years. There are more than 3 billion active Android phone users worldwide and more than 3700 android apps are launched each day on Google Play Store. Moreover, Android app developers have been quite experimental and innovative in delivering complete satisfaction to businesses that aim to target masses through exceptionally built android apps. Android app development cost is the first thing that comes in mind for any business owner before planning to launch a successful app.

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However, just to give you a rough estimate, you can easily get an Android app developed within USD 20000 but we know that businesses have different project requirements and this makes the cost calculation much complicated. So, to get an in-depth knowledge of Android app development prices, you need to consider several crucial factors that will primarily affect your development cost.

Type of Android App

Types of Android App

Mobile app development has got much diversified where businesses can now explore different types of apps to meet their specific business requirements. Technological innovations have further added to the speed and perfection of developers. To figure out an exact estimate for your Android app development cost, you have to decide whether you need a hybrid app, web-based app, or a native app for you project.

Both hybrid and web-based apps are developed using a single code base with which the app performs on multiple platforms, and this reduces both effort and time for developers to deliver an app for you. On the other hand, native app will be developed specifically for Android platform only. Native apps are considered best in terms of performance, security, and scalability and will require much more effort and time as compared to hybrid and web-based apps.

Number & Complexity of features

Features play a crucial role in making an app successful. Most of the renowned apps like Tinder, Uber, Amazon, Teladoc, and Deliveroo are known for their exciting set of features and functionalities. The more features you ask your Android app development agency to incorporate in your app, the higher will be its price. Hence, you must decide essential features for your Android app smartly. Neither it should be overloaded with excessive features nor it should fall short of crucial and elementary features to serve the purpose effectively and conveniently.

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Project Complexity

This is another major factor that directly affects the development cost. Some apps may require developing two panels; one for users and one for Admin whereas some apps like food delivery will require three panel development; Admin, users, and restaurants. When you hire app developer, the more panels you ask to develop, the higher will be the cost and more time it will take to develop.

Use of Advanced Technologies

A highly sophisticated healthcare service app may require use of some advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain whereas a simple Video chatting app can easily be developed with usual tech stacks. So, you need to analyze your project requirements and then decide whether you need technologies like AI, ML, AR/VR, and Blockchain or not. Using such technologies will certainly raise your development cost to a great extent.

App development Company & Its Location

App development Company & Its Location

Generally, most app development agencies charge an hourly rate for app development and these rates differ a lot from country-to-country. For instance, in US, the per hour development rate varies between USD 120 to 150 whereas in UK, it’s between USD 100 to 120 and in countries like India, UAE, and Egypt, the hourly rate varies between USD 30 to 100.

Moreover, Android app development prices may also depend on expertise and experience of these companies. Hence, you need to consider these factors before getting in touch with any of the development agency.

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UI/UX Designs

UI UX Design

There are millions of mobile apps available on the app stores and to compete among them, your app must have a unique and discrete app design and a smooth user interface. Afterall, it’s an app’s design that attracts users’ attention when they first encounter your app. Make sure that designs are relevant to your business ideas and objectives and offer a pleasing appearance for your app. Delivering creative deftness and technical expertise in designing your app will also take sufficient amount of time and money that will also affect your development cost.

Estimated Cost of Android App Development

Estimated Cost of Android App Development

Our team of experienced developers have thoroughly evaluated Android app development cost based on these crucial factors that are mentioned above. Let’s have a look on some different app categories and their estimated development cost.

  • Android App with basic features: USD 10000 to 18000
  • Data-driven Android App with medium complexity: USD 25000 to 35000
  • Feature-packed highly sophisticated Android app: USD 60000 to 75000

These all estimates are for developing an Android native app from scratch with post-launch technical support and other hidden costs involved in it. It will be better to discuss everything clearly with your service provider before signing an agreement with it.

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