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Mobile apps have now become the primary source to communicate effectively with customers and offer them products and services in a way that they desire. Technological innovations have further added to the creativity of businesses around the world through which apps have been made more worthwhile and flexible way to access anything. Before a business plans to launch a successful app for its users, it primarily focuses on the mobile app development cost just to keep things under control.

Moreover, it’s not just developing and launching an app on the app stores, you have to be very particular regarding constant maintenance of that app to keep it in demand according to the changing trends and user behaviors. We have thoroughly analyzed several App Development Projects along with their maintenance costs to offer valuable information on both aspects (development & maintenance) so that you can set your app development budget accordingly and then plan for other marketing techniques.

Factors Affecting Mobile App Development

Factors Affecting Mobile App Development

Before we proceed with in-depth analysis of mobile app development cost, let’s discuss some factors that primarily add to the development cost. This will give you an anticipatory idea about what to focus in your app development project and what not.

Type of App

Type of App

Depending on your project requirements, you can choose to develop a native app, hybrid app, or a web-based app. Developing a native app is a costly affair as compared to cross-platform and web-based apps, as you will need to hire two different teams for Android and iOS platform.

While choosing to launch a hybrid or a web-based app will be much affordable as it requires single code to perform on multiple platforms. These apps also take much less time to be developed in comparison to native app development. Most startups, that have limited budget prefer such type of app development because of its swift development and affordability.

Number of Features

Features are the key factor that decide success of your app. Before you hire any top-rated mobile app development company, you must decide the number of essential features that your app must have to serve its purpose. Make sure that neither an app should be overloaded with umpteen features nor it should fall short of basic and essential features. Incorporating each single feature in your app will require investment of both time and money, hence, keep them limited and relevant to the app’s purpose.

App Design

App Design

Most trailblazing apps that are utterly successful among worldwide users have offered unique and appealing UI/UX designs. App design plays a vital role in getting instant attention by users and desire for stunningly amazing app designs makes a project much costly. So, we never say that don’t go for unique and exceptional designs but just don’t be too much conscious that deciding the final app design consumes much of your precious time and your app launch gets delayed due to it.

Project Complexities & Technology

Each app development project has its own set of complexities involved in it and for that you need to adopt some latest technologies that offer a possible solution for them. Use of some advanced and top-notch technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and Blockchain will certainly add to the development cost. However, a simple and a basic app development project will not require using such advanced technologies and you can get desired functionalities with some common technologies that are widely used by app developers.

Mobile App Development Cost-

Mobile App Development Cost

Considering all these factors and an average per hour development rate of $ 60, we have evaluated different types of app development projects taking into account all essential elements and factors.

  • A basic app with common features and functionalities can be easily developed within USD 15000 to USD 25000.
  • A data-driven app with basic functionalities can be developed within USD 25000 to USD 32000
  • A highly sophisticated and customized feature-packed app can be developed within USD 50000 to USD 65000.

Factors Affecting App Maintenance Cost-

These are some major factors that will primarily affect your development cost. Apart from these, there are some factors that add to app maintenance cost also. Your mobile app development company can do it for you. Now let’s discuss them one-by-one.



You might be wondering that you thoroughly performed QA and testing before launching your app then how can bugs affect your app after its launch. Bugs may appear in your app depending on the changing requirements and some server-side issues and it will create trouble for your users to access certain features in your app. You have to monitor it constantly in order to make your app perform successfully and uninterruptedly.

Version Updates

You may have noticed that both Android and iOS platforms keep launching regular updates for their latest versions. Now your app may find troubles regarding compatibility with those updated versions. Hence, you need to ask your top-rated mobile app development company to provide regular updates to your app to assure its smooth and proper functioning.

Fresh & Unique Content

Change is the only constant thing in this entire universe, and the same rule applies to users demand too. You have to provide regular updates regarding fresh content on your app to make it more informative and relevant to changing users’ behavior.

App Analytics & Improvement

If you want your app to keep gaining enhanced number of users with ever-increasing downloads, you have to analyze certain aspects constantly and provide improvements to them. Failing to do so can make your app obsolete and it will lose its credibility among modern-day users. Hence, to remain competitive, you have to adopt the best trending technologies to keep your app popular among worldwide users.

Mobile App Maintenance Cost

As the maintenance needs will highly differ from project-to-project, hence, telling an exact amount for an app’s maintenance will not be feasible. Still, as per our extensive research, we have found that the annual mobile app maintenance cost for any type of app will cost you almost 20% of the total development cost.


We hope that you must have got enough information on both mobile app development cost and its maintenance cost. So, now you can easily plan your budget according to your project requirements and decide essential aspects of app development in advance.

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